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Scottish Independence.

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In a short time the Scottish people will be voting for their independence. That’s fair enough, I can see why they would want to be independent of the United Kingdom. They are under represented in parliament and some still cling onto our history in the same vein as those brits who go on about the empire we haven’t had for some time now. In our history we built a wall to keep them out and now they want out the PM wants them to stay. Funny how things change. I would say we are stronger as a United Kingdom but that’s up to the Scottish people. What really bothers me is that they’ve not really thought it through. First they wanted to hang on to our currency, of course they did. The pound sterling is one of the worlds oldest and strongest currencies. We didn’t make the same mistake as the United States by selling our gold reserves. Unfortunately for Scotland independence doesn’t work like that. Pissing and moaning about independence isn’t really valid if you want to keep our currency.

I have nothing against the Scots, I don’t even believe that one single poll on independence is an accurate representation of the opinions of the Scottish people and though it pains me to say it David ‘1984’ Cameron was correct in saying that the people shouldn’t vote yes just to give the Tories a kick in the balls. I also believe he was right in offering Scotland more powers of governance as they are not a region of England but a country as part of a union. The Scottish National Party would have the people believe that independence would be a smooth affair which is idiotic considering they wouldn’t have a currency. You could always do what Northern Ireland did with the Euro, see how that works out for you guys. The rebuttal was something to do with oil reserves off of Scotland, something about wealth from oil but seriously how long do you think that would last?

I’ve heard estimates ranging from 10-20 years and I don’t believe that’s enough time to build a strong independent nation who don’t need no England. I mean if it is what the Scottish people really want then so be it but their independence should include a good solid plan. We don’t want any drunk text messages when things go wrong in a decade’s time. Scottish independence would be a huge gamble, sure England might lose out in the short-term but if the shit hits the fan Scotland would be screwed. I’m actually annoyed by the whole thing, not Scotland wanting to be independent but how poorly planned the whole affair is on the part of the political parties pushing for a yes vote. They’re endangering the financial and economic well-being of the Scottish people whose interests are supposed to be paramount. Wait, what am I saying? We all know that’s not how politics really works…

There are other issues at play however such as families who are split between northern England and Scotland, if they were to go ahead and become independent then families would be separated. Then there’s the Scottish army regiments we would lose. I’ve met some of these people, yes I was going to join the army once. They are some of the funniest and most fearless fuckers I have ever met and it would be a shame to lose such an asset to our armed forces. I find myself hoping they don’t leave the United Kingdom but if they do it’s their choice. I hope the Scottish people won’t let the SNP fool them into thinking that independence would be smooth sailing. It won’t be.

I can’t believe I’m agreeing with David Cameron.
Gotta be better than Alex Salmond though.
God I need a drink.


Porta Dos Fundos.

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Porta dos fundos or ‘Back door.’ She introduced me to these guys months back and I was throughly entertained. They are a comedy troupe from Brazil who parody various social issues and other situations. Even if you’re not Brazilian yourself  and don’t quite understand some of those issues it is definitely worth a watch, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of one of the videos there. It’s usually in Portuguese but not to worry I found the english subtitled version of their channel here:

Have a look, it is definitely worth the time.

The things you come to miss.

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of an empty bed. You get really used to sharing a bed. Be it your S.O stealing the damn covers on a cold night, their snoring, having their head on your chest or just the sound of their breathing which can be oddly comforting in itself. I miss that smile, the way she smiled the first time I brought her coffee in the morning. Simple things. Apparently nobody had ever done that before, me, I thought that was normal relationship stuff. One thing I really miss is the eggs she’d make in the morning. I don’t know if it’s the method or the fact that the eggs are organic but damn she makes good breakfast.

It seems I did well on the family test, her mother likes me and says that she’s never been so happy. No arguments like with past boyfriends etc. Her father seems happy with her decision and shows his gratitude by feeding me a lot and offering me expensive alcohol. Usually to the tune of ‘Eh, Gringo! Cerveja?’ Her grandmother seems to really love me, and in a Jewish family she’s basically the boss so that counts for a lot. I seem to be approved of which is always nice. Not that it mattered much but I’m glad they like me, makes things smoother. I’ve actually come to miss them a lot, I grew quite attached to them and they treated me like one of their own.

You start to get used to the finer points of being in a relationship. Going out together, waking up with her and falling asleep with her head on your chest and then it’s gone again for some time. You begin to appreciate it even more so after the fact. I have her asleep right now on skype and for a moment it feels normal but it’ll be a little while before I can enjoy the small things again. Not only am I missing her but also the pace of life in Brazil, everything is easy-going with no real set time. They don’t really rush and I like that. I could easily see myself living there.

I guess I miss her, probably why I still haven’t washed the lipstick stains off the collar my coat.

The Fappening.

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Best name ever in my opinion. I hated that movie, I still refer to it as The Crappening. If you don’t know what the fappening is by now then you have probably been living under a rock. It’s the name for the huge leak of celebrity nudes from Apple’s Icloud. The photos of nude celebrities were leaked and the internet consequently had a shitfit. Mods and fappers alike worked around the clock to appease their sexual appetite or the lawyers depending on which side we’re talking about. I don’t know if there’s any truth to this but one Anon had mentioned that the loss in revenue from men who no longer have to sit through shitty movies to see their favourite stars tits and or ass. Apple did something right for once it would seem and anon may have had a point.

Then the SJW’s were up in arms about the invasion of privacy and photorape. Yes these people are deadly serious and, yes, I’m a total shitlord and the whole SJW movement is a sad joke that no one is laughing at anymore. I mean the invasion of privacy is a fair point but I’m sure those pictures become property of apple as soon as they’re uploaded to the cloud? I would say the most basic thing you could do in this situation is not take nudes or if you’re going to at least store them on a secure device that is in your ownership. I read somewhere that the trading of celebrity nudes had been going on for some time in private on the deep web, then someone in the ring decided to share with the rest of the world and the rest of the nudes were posted because they had been essentially devalued by being spread so widely about the internet. Pretty much like celeb nude trading cards. Whole sets were going for considerable sums of money.

I’m not really here to argue about celebrity and privacy, or the other moral/ethical questions posed by this leak because I really don’t care. I haven’t gone looking for them but I’ve seen three or four through secondary sources. I’m not really interested beyond laughing at the shit storm they caused all over the internet. It’s tits and ass, nothing I haven’t seen before. Why waste my time when I can, you know, just get laid. I felt like I was one of the few people who didn’t care two ways about the celebrity nudes. Everyone has been going on about them since zero hour. I think I actually went to bed early that night and woke up to the shitstorm.  One thing I found really amusing was the Daily (The world is burning) Mail calling 4chan everything under the sun. I’ve seen equally terrible shit on their rag.  One publication called 4chan the Mos Eisley cantina of the internet.

My point is this: 4chan has ruined lives. Some very deserving, others not so much. I mean the lives of terrible people and 14-year-old white girls alike. Nobody gave a shit when that happened, they shouldn’t have taken nudes etc. When it happens to a celebrity the white knights of the internet are up in arms with the SJW’s about how their rights were violated but they’ll resort to slut shaming some girl who took a couple of nudes for her boyfriend who leaked them. An innocent mistake. It serves her right for being an idiot they’ll say. Double standard much? If anything the celebrities, who are exposed to violations of their privacy regularly by the paparazzi, should know better or at least be aware of the possibilities that could arise from taking such images. It doesn’t make it any better but celebrities are not immune to stupidity. Just like you or I!

Another thing that really killed me was a US news outlet reporting that the photos were leaked by the hacker known as 4chan. There are only two words for this high standard of quality reporting: Epic Fail. It seems that the media is no more educated on the internet than it was 10 years ago.

I bet most of the aforementioned SJW’s and White knights have viewed the images extensively before jumping to defend the honor of their fair maidens.

Of life and death.

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Soon I will be writing about a subject that is pretty close to my heart, a friend I lost twice. I haven’t really been able to talk about it properly until now. On that balcony, in brazil as the sun rose and the trip died down I became quite contemplative. Beer and cigarette in hand. Acid can really do that to you, give you strange abstract trains of thought. I began to think of the friend I’d lost some months back, a few fleeting memories of the times we spent together were abruptly stopped by the realization that it can never happen again, going back is not an option and the results of death are very permanent. I think I finally came to terms with the fact that he’s gone and I can never change that. When it happened I drank a lot and even tried an anti-depressant for the first time in my life in order to combat the complete sadness I felt. The acid made me think about it and accept it and for the first time since he died I knew he was gone and I wasn’t sad about it. I saw the futility of being sad about it. I thought more of his life than his death and I was thankful for the time we had. Even if things went pretty sour towards the end of his life he was still a brother to me. One day, in death we will be brothers again. Death being absolute in its nature kinda trumps the divisions of life. I just accepted it for what it was and in that moment, against a backdrop of vivid blues and pinks, I felt completely at peace with what had occurred.

I’ll be writing about it soon.

Prague, Czechia.

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My current girlfriend is a fan of the Czech Republic having studied there for a time and she suggested that we go to Prague, CZ, for our anniversary. First thing that struck me after the visuals was how damn cheap it is there. Seems like a nice, inexpensive getaway for us and she knows the landscape very well. She was talking about taking me to get some of the original czech Budweiser amongst other things. It sounds like we’re going to be going around February/March time. I’m pretty excited about it. I get to get away from London and spend more time with her. We’ve also spoken about Amsterdam and Finland, seeing as she’s studying there. I could be pretty booked over the next year.


Well F**k me, I must be special.

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Last week, I had a package arrive at my home every single day of the working week. She’d taken it upon herself to make me feel loved and special which is always nice. One thing I’ve learned with this one is never assume. She has the time and the money so when she says something off-hand chances are she’ll do it. I recieved expensive cupcakes, a ferrero rocher boquet arrangement, balloons, cookies and a personalized beer mug that came with a small book of beer tips. It was quite unexpected and I don’t usually recieve packages so it generated a degree of interest. The gifts were really sweet and all personalized, I don’t even want to know how much she spent but I’m guessing a few hundred. I must be doing something right. Anyway I just thought it worth a mention. It made me feel special but it also made me realize how much I miss having her around.