Guaiamum Gigante

Another short one, this one is about food more than anything. I haven’t really been out to eat for a while and she had been recommending this place for quite some time as a good place for seafood. It took a while for us to actually go. When she first told me the name I replied ‘A-what?’ I did some research into what the fuck a Guaiuamum was as it seemed relevant at the time. When we eventually went it was a great place. Got in, sat down and soon go a bowl of crab meat after we had order the meal. We shared a shrimp dish which I can only describe as amazing. Had my beers in a bucket chilling next to me. As you can guess the place was fancy. Service excellent. The food definitely sold the place on its own and it was worth the money. My usual complaint with fancier food establishments is that their portions are sad for what you’re paying, no problem in this place. We actually had more than we could finish with the side of rice included.  This place was amazing, I’d recommend it if you’re ever in Recife.



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