Brazilian store names…

This is a very short one but I found this interesting enough to post. Stores in Brazil have some strange names. I mean really weird names, some sound like they’ve come straight from a captcha. One example is coming across a place called ‘Flu Look’ which immediately conjours up images of blankets and chicken soup. It was actually an opiticians type service from what I gather. From a distance I assumed it was just another strangely named clothes shop such as ‘Mince Evidence’ which sounds like a captcha. Who the hell is naming these shops?

There were also lots of tyre places, names mostly ending in pneus for tyre. I’ve pronounced this in my head as penoose. I’ve laughed like a child as I’ve come past a place called ‘BIG PNEUS’ thinking someone has a great sense of humor. When she stopped laughing at what I had pointed out I was informed shortly after this that pneus means tyre. I honestly wish I could remember more.



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