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And so I fly.

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Checked my baggage dimensions, weight and the usual. Seems 158cm and 23kgs is the international standard. I still get kinda paranoid before I fly. Maybe paranoia is the wrong word, it’s more like an anxiety. Airlines can be retarded when it comes to excess. I mean you can get charged for that and god help you if you want to change a flight date. Get ready to spend my friend. Zero hour is tomorrow morning, flight isn’t until the afternoon but with traffic in London being as crazy as it gets I’m leaving much earlier than I need to. Better to be waiting at the airport for a few hours than be stuck in traffic. I fly from London to Lisbon then from Lisbon to Brazil. It’ll be a long one but well worth it. Don’t be surprised if you hear nothing from me over the course of the next month. I’m coming back a few days before my Birthday so that will be interesting. One thing I always hated about coming home is that feeling of missing the place you just left, it lingers for a while. Especially when you stay long enough to get settled into their way of life. I think a good word for that feeling is Saudade. I think that would be the right word for it.

So yeah I’ll be quiet for a while but I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about upon my turn.


She wants me to socialize more.

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I’ve been told I’m anti-social. You don’t say!¬† I run a blog called Alpha Misanthropos, I’m sure that implies some level of anti-social tendencies. Anyway it’s safe to say I’m not a sunshine person, I don’t really require people and the few I do actively seek social contact with are chosen based on their merits. I don’t jump into conversations with strangers very often. She seems to require people and thrive on social contact which in itself isn’t a bad thing, I like that she genuinely cares about people. We’re on very opposite ends of the spectrum in that regard. For me to care about someone they have to prove that they’re worth it. I stopped investing in people a long time ago, that isn’t to say I don’t invest in people at all but yeah I’m usually sure they’re worth it. I don’t tend to take chances on people.

I don’t want to turn her into a hardened cynic or misanthropist, that was never my aim. I think she’s still taken back by the way I can make a call on an individual and usually be correct about them, within a short time of meeting them. I’ve warned her about certain people she knows and I’ve been right every time. I think it annoys her a little, I’m not an ass about it and when I do it I’m acting in her best interests as anyone would for somebody they love. Recently hearing her say ‘I’m done with people’ made me uneasy, I really don’t want to turn her into me. It’s nice to have someone who still sees some beauty in the world. It’s nice for me to have that counter weight. It may not be all sunshine and rainbows but it isn’t all doom and gloom either. Sometimes I need to be reminded of that.

I really hope that she never loses that innocence. It’s hard not to in the world we live in. In my experience there is nothing worse than a sunshine person having their view of humanity challenged. It sucks to see someone broken like that, I may not be humanity’s biggest fan but I’m not sadist I do not enjoy suffering in any form. For me personally one of life’s goals is the reduction of suffering. First one’s own suffering then the suffering of those they love. Pain is mandatory, suffering is not. Luckily she’s optimistic enough to brush it off as a mistake and something out of her control, I’m proud of her for that. Both of us have a tendency to be hard on ourselves for our mistakes but there comes a time when you have to acknowledge that what happened was completely out of your control.

I agreed to socialize more, mainly because she worries about my anti-social behaviors and tendency to deal with my own problems silently. I started with people I know and already like, the guy I do guitar work for, my friend Ben and an old school friend who I struck up a friendship with despite years of us hating one another. It’s funny when you always disliked a person then you realize you have so much in common. Sometimes you just need a different environment or change of perspective. I also talked to a few random strangers, mostly small talk in an effort to be more social. She’s beginning to realize that being social does nothing for me in most cases. In my own words I can take or leave it.

I think when I first began to make judgement calls on one or two of her friends she thought I was an ass or paranoid but you can only be right so many times before they have to admit you have a point. A lot of the time I find myself being right about people even when I want to be wrong. It sucks. It drastically reduces the number of people I’m willing to make an effort for. If you already know the outcome then why bother? I don’t pick up many people along my journey but my attitudes toward them means that the ones I do pick up are good. I don’t have many people in my circle but the ones I do have are worth their weight in gold. Personally I’d rather have 4 or 5 good people than 50 shit ones.

I’m currently arguing the point that rather than being anti-social I am selectively social. Is that a bad thing, or limiting in any way. I don’t believe so.

Suddenly Facial hair…

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During my recent stay in London with my now girlfriend I began to notice that I needed to shave, as I was about to shave she asked me if I’d leave it as it was because she likes what she describes as my ‘multicolored beard.’ I actually disliked the idea of having a beard before that point but I’m slowly getting used to it. Means I don’t get ID’d and she likes it so what the hell? I’m not talking about a full on viking beard just a rough one. I wasn’t aware until recently that beards could be sexy but apparently they are. Each woman to her own I guess. I’ve never been complimented on not shaving before.

So yeah, suddenly beard.

The world cup…

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We performed terribly at this world cup, don’t get me wrong I never expected us to win but I thought we should at least get to the knock out stages. We bring this sport to all different parts of the world annnnd they beat us at our own game. That’s a good thing really, I always enjoyed the differences in play style, a good example is Brazil. They play the game at a totally different pace to our team, that and their particular brand of football was very entertaining to watch as a child. I hope they win, the amount of shit this cup has caused in Brazil they need to win it or at least come close. Our national team’s performance was completely abysmal and to be honest we deserved to go out. This cup has been a bit of a clusterfuck, it seems all the underdog teams are doing well.

I was particularly pleased to learn that Belgium knocked the USA out. Don’t get me wrong the US team played well but the fans man… you guys talk as if you’re a world-class team when you barely qualify most of the time. Someone had to knock those fans down a peg or three, I had secretly hoped it’d be Mexico but yeah Belgium is just as good.
Another thing, what is it with Suarez biting people, apparently psychologists believe it was an emotional response, either way this is football not Mike Tyson’s boxing. How the hell did he even get away with it for so long? He’s only just been punished and this is what? Jaws 3 I believe.

While we’re on the weird and wonderful what the hell is the deal with this guy, I can only describe this fan as the ‘Nazi420pope’ three things that should never be in the same sentence.

Another thing is this, looks like a locust but neither of them seem to bothered by the other. I remember Skype chatting with her before and this huge bug crawls across the table in front of her, what does she do? She picks the huge fucker up and just throws it out of the window like it’s nothing. Usually women scream and run, she laughs at it, says it’s cute and throws it out of the window like it’s nothing. Not sure if that’s a Brazilian thing or just her. Kinda admired her for that.

Japan… I expected no less from Japan. If I’m surprised it’s because it was pretty mild. Still pretty strange, what is this even supposed to be…

One thing I can say is at least Brazil didn’t knock us out, she’d never let me live that one down. I’m still in a position where I can wind her up by saying ‘I remember when Brazil were a phenomenal team, what happened?’ Which is when I get cussed out in Portuguese. I still haven’t stopped teasing her about Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez being at Brazil’s opening ceremony. That just seemed retarded to me they have nothing at all to do with Brazil, Pitbull should restrict his mumbling to women and clubs. She has said to me multiple times that their opening ceremony was poor and looked like something her class did at their school games. I was more upset about the Capoeira being cut short.

It’s been a weird one.

I’m finally getting that phone

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I managed to get hold of an Iphone 4. Pretty cheap actually, I know this isn’t much of an achievement since it’s an old model but it’s in perfect condition after a repair and I’m getting it a lot cheaper than I would from a store. I think this is an example of what she said about connections. Anyway I can set up a new contract from much cheaper because I’m not paying for the handset. That’s another plus. To be honest I don’t care that it isn’t the latest model I’m just happy that I have a phone that will work and is up to date enough to serve me effectively.

2014 and just getting a cellphone. Out of the cave I come I guess…

Plans have changed once more.

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I’m still off to Brazil but Peru has been cancelled for another time due to various educational requirements and her having a very tight schedule. I’m going to a health spa instead now, I’m not a spa kinda guy but I guess I could do with the healthy part. It’d do me some good to get fitter and once I do I’ll have to maintain it. She has all sorts of craziness planned for me when I arrive. I’m genuinely excited for the first time in a long time. I wanted to go to Peru but yeah, it doesn’t matter. In reality she’s the reason I’m going to Brazil in the first place so as long as I get to spend time with her I’m a happy guy. It’s going to be fucking awesome.

She’s also going to be teaching me some martial arts, when she’s back in London on a more permanent basis she wants us to do Aikido together which is always fun. It’ll be good to get back into the martial arts, for fitness and its other benefits¬† One thing I have to give her is that she pushes me to do more, like to go to university and get my degree. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should go, I have talents and such but yeah coming from someone like her it somehow makes a lot more sense. She’s a very intelligent girl and I know it, maybe it’s that. I’ve had women who want me to be happy but it’s more than that with her, she wants to see me do well for myself so she pushes me to do better. To be honest I’m a lot more confident than I was a year ago.

She’s not only making me happy she’s teaching me a lot about money, the value of connections and the world in general. I’ve learned more from her in these last months than I have in years. Her encouragement is helpful. I think I need that sometimes. I got so tired of people and the world in general I slipped into apathy and it isn’t serving me well at all. She’s made me realize that. This one really wants the best for me.

I feel like a kid on Christmas.

Because I’m happy…

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I hated that song, I’d constantly sing ‘because I’m unhappy’ and various parodies during my morning coffee. Well that’s changed. I’m considerably happier now but one thing that hasn’t changed is how much I hate that song. It’s just a terrible song, I’m not a sunshine person either. Maybe that’s it. I don’t know what this post was for, probably just to express my eternal disdain for this song.