Ah… the world cup.


Most British citizens are collectively having a shitfit today over the beginning of the FIFA World Cup. Personally I don’t give a damn. Basically the world cup is all I’m going to hear about from friends and family for its entire duration. I’m used to it now though. It isn’t just Britain having a shitfit, I’m pretty sure peoples of all the nations involved are beering up for the competition. There’s also the fun part where the girlfriend is Brazilian and though she hates FIFA with the burning passion of a thousand suns I’m pretty sure she enjoys a bit of football. The other thing is they’re actually a good team and will probably wipe the floor with us. They play the game at a different pace and with a whole other level of skill. There’s also the ‘home advantage.’ We usually only make it so far then get flopped by either a European or South American team. If Brazil beat England I will never hear the last of it. In the same vein, in the unlikely event that we beat Brazil I’m going to give her some shit. We have that kind of thing going on. Keeps it fresh. You should see the Valentine’s Day message I got from her…

I may or may not grab a beer and watch a few games if I have nothing better to do but I can take it or leave it.


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