Who the F**k eats pizza with a fork?

Now I never claimed to be a classy guy but recently I was taken out on a date. Pizza and some red wine at a nice place in London. One of those pizza places with the proper kiln style oven, stone baked with fresh ingredients all made in front of you. Maybe I’m not classy but I know a good bottle of red when I see one. Wine was poured and me and her were discussing the finer points of our relationship and London, as you do. Then the pizza came and I started eating it with a fork without thinking about it. In my head it went something like: You’re in a restaurant with a nice woman you can at least try to eat with a degree of care.

As time went by I started laughing about eating pizza with a fork and some pizza ad for authentic Italian pizza made in Germany. In the end I got annoyed eating my pizza like a ponce and just did what any normal person would do, rip off a slice and tuck into it. She actually found it pretty funny. I was trying to stab at a piece of pizza and failing terribly then I utter ‘Fuck it’ and just eat it like a normal person would. She keeps reminding me of that day, must have stayed with her. Who actually eats pizza with a fork though, is that like a thing? I don’t understand the point of using a fork for what is essentially finger food.

Again, who the f**k eats pizza with a fork?


6 Responses to “Who the F**k eats pizza with a fork?”

  1. lafingman0 Says:

    People who live in chicago, probably. 😉

  2. Did you write deep fish at first?
    I swear I saw deep fish, I was debating on replying with Angler Fish…

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