Plans have changed.

I’m not going to Brazil within the week anymore, it’s been put back to next month. She did that thing again where she likes to surprise me and I’m now going to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. South American short tour. I’ve finally started messing with her since she decided it’d be funny to freak me out about her being pregnant. Yeah, she likes to mess with me. So when she tells me we’re going to Peru and Bolivia I ask ‘Is that the one with the cocaine or the civil war?’ To which I get cursed in Portuguese. I’m beginning to catch on to her small grammatical mistakes and tease her about them. It’s always fun. It’s really sweet of her to do this stuff for me, all the extra I mean. She knows I always wanted to see the rainforest so she’s taking me to the ‘real amazon’ as she puts it.

I will be updating this place I’m just really busy with the change in plans. I’ll be gone for a month when I do leave but I’ll have a lot of new stories. I have something I’ve wanted to post for a while now but I just haven’t had the time. I’ll get to it ASAP.


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