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Alpha Misanthropos: Quote of the month.

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Lately I’ve been feeling kinda stupid. Just in general, maybe that’s what love does to you. I’ve been reading some interesting historical and anthropological studies. It’s been interesting to say the least. Another thing I’ve taken interest in is linguistics, I was recently thrown into learning Portuguese. My interest stemmed from there.  I was actually in the middle of reading and doing some research when I found this quote, seemed perfect for the blog.
This one is in Arabic:
من عاشر القوم اربعين يوما، إما صار منهم أو رحل عنهم

”Man a’asharal qawna arba’eena yawman, imma sara minhum aw rahala a’anhum.

”Dwell among people for 40 days. You will either become one of them or flee them.
I found it quite fitting.


Ah… the world cup.

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Most British citizens are collectively having a shitfit today over the beginning of the FIFA World Cup. Personally I don’t give a damn. Basically the world cup is all I’m going to hear about from friends and family for its entire duration. I’m used to it now though. It isn’t just Britain having a shitfit, I’m pretty sure peoples of all the nations involved are beering up for the competition. There’s also the fun part where the girlfriend is Brazilian and though she hates FIFA with the burning passion of a thousand suns I’m pretty sure she enjoys a bit of football. The other thing is they’re actually a good team and will probably wipe the floor with us. They play the game at a different pace and with a whole other level of skill. There’s also the ‘home advantage.’ We usually only make it so far then get flopped by either a European or South American team. If Brazil beat England I will never hear the last of it. In the same vein, in the unlikely event that we beat Brazil I’m going to give her some shit. We have that kind of thing going on. Keeps it fresh. You should see the Valentine’s Day message I got from her…

I may or may not grab a beer and watch a few games if I have nothing better to do but I can take it or leave it.

Who the F**k eats pizza with a fork?

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Now I never claimed to be a classy guy but recently I was taken out on a date. Pizza and some red wine at a nice place in London. One of those pizza places with the proper kiln style oven, stone baked with fresh ingredients all made in front of you. Maybe I’m not classy but I know a good bottle of red when I see one. Wine was poured and me and her were discussing the finer points of our relationship and London, as you do. Then the pizza came and I started eating it with a fork without thinking about it. In my head it went something like: You’re in a restaurant with a nice woman you can at least try to eat with a degree of care.

As time went by I started laughing about eating pizza with a fork and some pizza ad for authentic Italian pizza made in Germany. In the end I got annoyed eating my pizza like a ponce and just did what any normal person would do, rip off a slice and tuck into it. She actually found it pretty funny. I was trying to stab at a piece of pizza and failing terribly then I utter ‘Fuck it’ and just eat it like a normal person would. She keeps reminding me of that day, must have stayed with her. Who actually eats pizza with a fork though, is that like a thing? I don’t understand the point of using a fork for what is essentially finger food.

Again, who the f**k eats pizza with a fork?

I think I’m dating an alpha female.

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I never really thought about social hierarchy in humans, it does exist but it’s so loose. I mean it isn’t just based on brute strength there’s so many other social factors that play into it. Anyway I didn’t post to examine human social hierarchies. The more time I spend with her the more I see it, she’s like an alpha female. I’ve seen these traits expressed in men before but never in a woman. I have no complaints really, my masculinity isn’t threatened by it. I’ve always said she was more a lioness than a delicate flower. It’s a strange balance. She displays all of these ‘alpha’ qualities but she’s also really sweet and you know, feminine. One thing I’ve learned in my short time is she gets what she wants. Just happens to be me. I don’t think she’d agree with me if I told her she was pretty much archetypal alpha female.

It throws me through a loop sometimes. She’s intelligent, fiercely protective and yet gentle and kind. Recently she ran into some trouble with a guy who was harassing her and yeah it didn’t end well for him. When a woman says ‘No’ you don’t touch. Especially not when the woman in question could break every bone in your body. In her own words ‘if he didn’t look like something was wrong with him I’d have beat his ass.’ This girl isn’t afraid of anything. It’s nice not to have to worry so much about her safety. I’m also finding it weird to have a woman be so protective of me. It isn’t over the top or anything but yeah it’s different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I guess growing up as a woman in Brazil makes you tougher. She’s one of the fiercest, most loyal and direct individuals I know. There’s none of the usual hissy-fit crap that I’ve experienced in the past. She’s pretty exceptional. That or I’m in love.

I’m in a relationship with a lioness. Either a lioness or tomb raider reincarnated. I think she’s ruined women for me forever.


Plans have changed.

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I’m not going to Brazil within the week anymore, it’s been put back to next month. She did that thing again where she likes to surprise me and I’m now going to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. South American short tour. I’ve finally started messing with her since she decided it’d be funny to freak me out about her being pregnant. Yeah, she likes to mess with me. So when she tells me we’re going to Peru and Bolivia I ask ‘Is that the one with the cocaine or the civil war?’ To which I get cursed in Portuguese. I’m beginning to catch on to her small grammatical mistakes and tease her about them. It’s always fun. It’s really sweet of her to do this stuff for me, all the extra I mean. She knows I always wanted to see the rainforest so she’s taking me to the ‘real amazon’ as she puts it.

I will be updating this place I’m just really busy with the change in plans. I’ll be gone for a month when I do leave but I’ll have a lot of new stories. I have something I’ve wanted to post for a while now but I just haven’t had the time. I’ll get to it ASAP.