Bad Neighbour…

Next door has been gutted and refurnished ready for thee new tenants after my neighbour was caught sub-letting and subsequently thrown out. I’ve had the fun of meeting the potential tenants. Yes, yes oh yay! Yesterday a potential tenant came who had a lot of kids. That could be an issue. I don’t want to have to watch my language and get noise complaints for five years only to have the kids screaming and all their friends over for the next five years after that point. I like my home, it is peaceful and I’ve lived here since I was three years old. In a moment of misanthropy I had an idea, I turned my anti-social tendencies and guitar amp up to max, put earplugs in then played a little harmonic to get them listening then the most horrible sounds for the next half an hour. They said it was too loud there for the kids (I could hear them through the wall.) After this they left.

I’m a terrible person but it worked well. Upsetting my domestic bliss is not the one.


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