Upon entering inner London you magically become a dick!

Spending more time in the city definitely added to my over all disdain for people. From the pickpockets I overheard and the fake beggar to your average commuter. The only thing I’ve gained other than a  girlfriend is an up to date and working knowledge of London’s Tube network. Whoever said ‘he who is tired of London is tired of life’ clearly never shared a sidewalk with your average London commuter or spent an extended period of time there. It’s usual to come back from trips to London slightly more pissed off than when you left for it. It seems to me that people hit the square mile and are suddenly stripped of manners and any decency. I spend my time day dreaming about slapping one of those people with their brief case or how I could cause serious bodily harm with a hipster’s Ipad.

Maybe I’m being unfair here. The people who live in the area don’t seem to bad. It’s usually the commuters. Even the tourists who barely speak English are much more polite than they are. The students are even better behaved of a day-time. London commuters are what makes travel stressful, not the delays or high prices. Commuters definitely take a high spot as one of the worst groups of people in the world. When we were out one night she almost got hit by a cyclist, they already received enough hate of late and a string of portuguese expletives. She went from zero to Latina in about 3 seconds. Faster than a London commute and 100% less delays. Spending time in London really took me back to my misanthropic roots even if I was completely head over heels. Sure I’m a little more optimistic but people in general are a shitty as ever.

Maybe Brazil will be better. People certainly seem happier than Londoners. Then again that isn’t hard.


2 Responses to “Upon entering inner London you magically become a dick!”

  1. lafingman0 Says:

    don’t fall into cognitive dissonance my friend. but i am happy for you 🙂

    • I’ve always been guarded against that sort of thing. You fall in love, you get stupid. She kinda drags me bac to earth so that helps. Surprisingly grounded for someone of her upbringing and means. It still surprises me. Thanks man.

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