Looks like I’m headed for Brazil.

In light of recent events it looks like I’ll be headed for brazil. It looks like I might be the only person not going there for the world cup. I received a bit of an education on FIFA and the world cup in brazil and the things I’ve learned are unpleasant to say the least. She’s pretty pissed about them wasting money on Stadiums when the poor need hospitals. For someone of her class she’s very down to earth. UI always liked that about her. I don’t care about football enough to know these things but it seems that the world cup is having a detrimental effect on the poor in general.

Anyway enough about football, it bores me. Mainly I’m going to Brazil in order to be with her but secondly I’m going for the culture and nature. I’m going to get to see part of the rainforest. For her this is pretty simple stuff but for me this is definitely something I wanted to do before I cop it. So that makes it special to me. Then there’s the food, I have loved Brazilian food since I met Christiano, Fernando, Maykon and the guys at work. Now I can eat local. Knowing her she’ll also spoil the fuck out of me even if I say not to. I’ve never been treated like this before to be honest. In every sense, the things are nice but the feelings and times we have, you can’t buy that stuff.

She was recently telling me about a series of shark attacks near her home and they seemed overly aggressive so my first question was bull shark? I was right on the money. Maybe I’ll get to see one. I also wonder if I’ll see many differences in people. Maybe I’ll hate them less. I’ve never been to anywhere in south america so this will be an adventure of sorts if I ever get out of the bedroom. Seriously that’s becoming a problem. You know how it goes, that thing you were supposed to do before you rolled over in bed and then went for snacks after.

She keeps telling me about ‘real’ coffee. Apparently I do coffee wrong and so does the whole of England. I look forward to trying this but I’m hoping that this doesn’t  kill conventional coffee for me forever. I’m really looking forward to this trip. She’s also talking bout taking me to all kinds of places, Dubai, China, Vienna, Iceland and many others. If everything goes well between us I will be travelling a lot. At the moment I’m just focusing on right now. Things are good. My life is still far from perfect but it’s a lot brighter since she’s been in it. I’m not about to become an optimist any time soon.

I’ll write again soon, i’m just quite busy at the moment.


2 Responses to “Looks like I’m headed for Brazil.”

  1. lafingman0 Says:

    I know someone i brazil that feels alone/depressed. geography doesn’t solve much. but it is nice to see the world and experience new things. i hope you have a good trip 🙂

  2. I think it’s the company more than anything but a change of scene is always nice. Travelling kinda screewed me over in that no particular place feels like home. Home is homee but if I didn’t have family I wouldn’t even come here. It was nice to be back for about two days. Thanks man, I hope you’re doing well

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