Well I had myself a time.

I fell pretty for someone I’ve known for a while after spending some real-time with her. She took me on one hell of an adventure. I’ve found a really good one and I’m stupidly in love with her. I’ve been too busy to post but I felt that I should update this to let you know I’m alive and that I have a lot of stories to tell, new experiences and recently I lost a brother. My time with the girl I called kittycat has been amazing. She treated me very well and you know when you just click with someone?

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. Don’t be too surprised to find that living in London has given me a refreshed sense of what it truly means to hate your perfect stranger. I guess one thing I can say is that life is good and is improving. Alpha Misanthropos is still running and active, you could chalk it up to technical difficulties and failure of equipment. Life got in the way too.

Everything is alright.


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