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Bad Neighbour…

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Next door has been gutted and refurnished ready for thee new tenants after my neighbour was caught sub-letting and subsequently thrown out. I’ve had the fun of meeting the potential tenants. Yes, yes oh yay! Yesterday a potential tenant came who had a lot of kids. That could be an issue. I don’t want to have to watch my language and get noise complaints for five years only to have the kids screaming and all their friends over for the next five years after that point. I like my home, it is peaceful and I’ve lived here since I was three years old. In a moment of misanthropy I had an idea, I turned my anti-social tendencies and guitar amp up to max, put earplugs in then played a little harmonic to get them listening then the most horrible sounds for the next half an hour. They said it was too loud there for the kids (I could hear them through the wall.) After this they left.

I’m a terrible person but it worked well. Upsetting my domestic bliss is not the one.


Two things.

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One, the spelling mistakes. I’m operating on a quarter of the screen of a broken laptop. So I can’t see what I’m writing in order to correct it most times. The second thing is that I cannot believe that there is nearly 100 of you reading on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading.

How the ‘other half’ live.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with this turn of phrase it is referring to how the rich live in contrast with the poor. I’ve heard this phrase a lot in regards to extravagant spending and even every day luxuries of the upper class. I’ve finally lived it. My girlfriend is not exactly the 1% but she’s never going to be out of money. I’m still surprised by how grounded she is. Every other person I’ve met that came from money was either a terrible person or we just couldn’t relate to one another enough to ever be friends. To be honest it still feels weird having someone spend any sum of money on me. Three quarters of the time I end up telling her not to spend her money on me. All I want is her and her time. Money has never been a motivator. Never had it, probably never will. What I’ve always wanted is happiness.

I’ve stayed in a very nice but oversized serviced apartment complex. Honestly if I lived there on a permanent basis I’d have to buy things in order to fill the space because it feels to large and unnecessary. Nice to have a balcony though. I kept thinking ‘Who actually needs this amount of space.’ She agrees with me on that, nice to know I’m not just a fish out of my pond. The food has been really good too. Sushi, Vietnamese food, various Brazilian and a few more expensive basic products. I’ve lived pretty well. Good thing I didn’t get too used to it. It’s really weird not having a point where you’re like ‘okay, I have no more money. I’m not a big spender anyway but yeah to be able to just go get what you need when you need it. To be honest I would be happy to live half as well as she does.

I’m kinda hoping that seeing this will motivate me to work in order to achieve a degree of financial stability. It would be nice not to have to worry about money. Saying that it isn’t like I worry about it because I know I don’t have it. You just kinda get on with it. There was a time when we were financially stable in general but things changed. I find it good to remember that one shouldn’t get to comfortable on their perch, things can stray if you let them and other times it’s completely out of your control. Another thing I got used to is having the option of not having to share a train with a bunch of rude and sometimes even smelly commuters. I’m not being an ass some of these guys must hit the gym after work, it’s only noticeable with larger groups.

I still feel like I’m going to get thrown out of Marks&Spencer. Their advertisements state that this isn’t just any food it’s M&S food. They’re right it isn’t just any food, it’s extremely over-priced food. Good quality but the prices are ridiculous. I remember explaining our food stores to her and telling her that Waitrose is like on above M&S and she turns to me completely confused and says ‘WTF is a Waitrose.’ That gave me a giggle or two. She’s taught me that London isn’t quite as expensive as I previously thought. I have a new haunt, it’s a university area, great quality food and fairly priced with thee added bonus of being able to move unnoticed through a sea of multicultural faces. Great for my misanthropy. Even if I did decide I wanted to talk to someone the students and locals seem friendlier. Probably the bar’s fault.

It has been really good to live that way, being able to afford what I need. Not even the luxuries. I’ve also gained some good contacts and I have a feeling I’ll gain a lot more of them. She doesn’t quite realize it but she’s helped me a lot. More than just emotionally speaking. She gave me some motivation to improve myself. Not even for her but for me. I’ve told her this but she’s either clueless or doesn’t want me feeling like I owe her. In a way I do. She’s been here for me emotionally speaking through one of the roughest times in my life and even loved me when I’m at my worst. Can you really ask for more than that. I’d love that girl if she lived in a slum. The money never even came into it. I actually didn’t know how well off she was. I kinda worried at first that she’d think that it was about money but thankfully she knows me well enough to know it isn’t.

I think what really makes it perfect is the companionship, someone I can rely on to tell me the truth. It’d all be worthless to me if she wasn’t there. Living well is good but living happy is better in my experience. I’ve just been very lucky I guess. Exceptionally so. In both the woman and her circumstances. I’m more lucky that someone like her cares so much about someone like me. It was never about fixing me, just seeing me happy. I forgot what that felt like. I’m already happy, it feels like money kinda takes care of the rest. It’s good to have no worries for once. Hopefully some day I’ll get to that on my own.


Cacife clandestino – beija flor

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This is a new discovery for me, she put it on at the end of the night while we shared a bath. You can guess the point of this song and if you speak the language you’ll catch the double meaning. Before you ask yes smoke was exchanged. It was a beautiful night and this song kinda captures that feeling for me. My Portuguese is only passable at this point due to communicating with her mother. Looks like I should invest in learning the language. I don’t see this one running off on me. I’ve listened to this a bit since I hit home. Chilling in my kitchen smoking one and listening to this just smiling like an idiot.

Looks like I’m stupidly in love with this girl. I can’t complain.

Upon entering inner London you magically become a dick!

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Spending more time in the city definitely added to my over all disdain for people. From the pickpockets I overheard and the fake beggar to your average commuter. The only thing I’ve gained other than a  girlfriend is an up to date and working knowledge of London’s Tube network. Whoever said ‘he who is tired of London is tired of life’ clearly never shared a sidewalk with your average London commuter or spent an extended period of time there. It’s usual to come back from trips to London slightly more pissed off than when you left for it. It seems to me that people hit the square mile and are suddenly stripped of manners and any decency. I spend my time day dreaming about slapping one of those people with their brief case or how I could cause serious bodily harm with a hipster’s Ipad.

Maybe I’m being unfair here. The people who live in the area don’t seem to bad. It’s usually the commuters. Even the tourists who barely speak English are much more polite than they are. The students are even better behaved of a day-time. London commuters are what makes travel stressful, not the delays or high prices. Commuters definitely take a high spot as one of the worst groups of people in the world. When we were out one night she almost got hit by a cyclist, they already received enough hate of late and a string of portuguese expletives. She went from zero to Latina in about 3 seconds. Faster than a London commute and 100% less delays. Spending time in London really took me back to my misanthropic roots even if I was completely head over heels. Sure I’m a little more optimistic but people in general are a shitty as ever.

Maybe Brazil will be better. People certainly seem happier than Londoners. Then again that isn’t hard.

Looks like I’m headed for Brazil.

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In light of recent events it looks like I’ll be headed for brazil. It looks like I might be the only person not going there for the world cup. I received a bit of an education on FIFA and the world cup in brazil and the things I’ve learned are unpleasant to say the least. She’s pretty pissed about them wasting money on Stadiums when the poor need hospitals. For someone of her class she’s very down to earth. UI always liked that about her. I don’t care about football enough to know these things but it seems that the world cup is having a detrimental effect on the poor in general.

Anyway enough about football, it bores me. Mainly I’m going to Brazil in order to be with her but secondly I’m going for the culture and nature. I’m going to get to see part of the rainforest. For her this is pretty simple stuff but for me this is definitely something I wanted to do before I cop it. So that makes it special to me. Then there’s the food, I have loved Brazilian food since I met Christiano, Fernando, Maykon and the guys at work. Now I can eat local. Knowing her she’ll also spoil the fuck out of me even if I say not to. I’ve never been treated like this before to be honest. In every sense, the things are nice but the feelings and times we have, you can’t buy that stuff.

She was recently telling me about a series of shark attacks near her home and they seemed overly aggressive so my first question was bull shark? I was right on the money. Maybe I’ll get to see one. I also wonder if I’ll see many differences in people. Maybe I’ll hate them less. I’ve never been to anywhere in south america so this will be an adventure of sorts if I ever get out of the bedroom. Seriously that’s becoming a problem. You know how it goes, that thing you were supposed to do before you rolled over in bed and then went for snacks after.

She keeps telling me about ‘real’ coffee. Apparently I do coffee wrong and so does the whole of England. I look forward to trying this but I’m hoping that this doesn’t  kill conventional coffee for me forever. I’m really looking forward to this trip. She’s also talking bout taking me to all kinds of places, Dubai, China, Vienna, Iceland and many others. If everything goes well between us I will be travelling a lot. At the moment I’m just focusing on right now. Things are good. My life is still far from perfect but it’s a lot brighter since she’s been in it. I’m not about to become an optimist any time soon.

I’ll write again soon, i’m just quite busy at the moment.

Cachaca is evil.

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She warned me, I’ll give her that. I thought it’d be a nice Brazilian drink but this shit is the devil. I’m pretty sure it’s made of orphans tears and concentrated evil. It went down alright but it tasted like crap. She warns me that even the expensive stuff is only slightly better. You drink that stuff to get drunk and no other reason. Cachaca tastes like bad decisions. The other thing is the headache feels like you’re actively being punished for drinking it. It will be a while before I drink cachaca again.

That’s my experience with