Silent Death

Also known as the Prius, I appreciate that these cars have a low impact on our environment. That’s always nice. I doubt driving a Prius will actually achieve anything with the majority of humanity polluting the earth daily. The main purpose of these cars seems to be to allow their owners to brag about how environmentally conscious they are and how they are doing their bit. It seems that most Prius owners are douches by default but that’s for another post. To get to the point, I have almost been ran over by a Prius at least four times since they have been on the road. They barely make a noise, in fact I have only noticed the car when it is right up my ass. I may as well be riding on the hood by the time I realize it’s behind me. It’s a wonder I haven’t been hit by one yet, come to think of it they are pretty dangerous in that sense. I mean what good is saving the earth if you’re mowing people down? Actually come to think of it I see how that might work out in favor of the primary goal.

Then again I may not be able to hear the car but I can feel that air of pretentiousness emanating from the person operating the vehicle, something that has saved my life on more than one occasion.


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