Well I have been away recording various pieces for my friend over the last couple of weeks, the recording process has involved a lot of Kronenbourg and smoke-filled rooms. As a result of this I’m now the lead guitarist at Clayton James. The project is coming together nicely with art work and various contributions. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in a long time. Even the attempted robbery was fun but to be honest my mother is more intimidating than the three of them. Two stayed back to watch while one attempted the robbery. You never attempt to take anything that is mine, let alone my guitar. Needless to say that asshole caught the business end of my noise maker. To commemorate this even my guitar is now marked with a tally which may or may not increase as time goes by. I’ve also written ‘This here’s my noisemaker’ on the guard just because.

I’m happy it didn’t break because I would have been extremely upset and probably beat that individual half to death before strangling them with the strings. I love my guitar if you haven’t guessed that by now. More on recording, I never expected to be involved with any kind of electronic music let alone recording acoustic guitar but I’m just happy to be a part of something, it is nice to have some purpose especially when you’re ‘unemployed.’ It looks like I’m also going to be involved in shooting a music video to some degree. My friend is going all out on this project, then again it is his baby so I’d expect no less. He originally had it completed years ago but after his home was robbed everything was lost, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because he has said himself that the new work is better than anything he had produced before hand.

I’m sorry this update didn’t come earlier but I’ve been very busy and lacking the means to post.


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