Hello everyone

Shortly after the passing of my dog my laptop decided to fuck up so I haven’t had many chances to post. Nothing much has changed, I’m still miserable. I’ve been to the studio a few times but this coming Wednesday is recording for reals. Going to get us something to smoke and drink to get into the mood. Creativity and drugs go together like mac and cheese after all. I should write a song about my ex entitled ‘cunt #notbitteratall’ then again you’d be bitter two if you gave someone the chances I gave her. Never again, I’m sticking to my rules from now on, everybody gets one and only one. Someone once told me never to discount someone as a lost cause and it turns out they were wrong. Some people are a lost cause. I’ve missed posting to be honest, I’m currently writing this on my laptop using the top right corner of the screen, it’s a fun time really.


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