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Old but gold.

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Some things never get old.


Silent Death

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Also known as the Prius, I appreciate that these cars have a low impact on our environment. That’s always nice. I doubt driving a Prius will actually achieve anything with the majority of humanity polluting the earth daily. The main purpose of these cars seems to be to allow their owners to brag about how environmentally conscious they are and how they are doing their bit. It seems that most Prius owners are douches by default but that’s for another post. To get to the point, I have almost been ran over by a Prius at least four times since they have been on the road. They barely make a noise, in fact I have only noticed the car when it is right up my ass. I may as well be riding on the hood by the time I realize it’s behind me. It’s a wonder I haven’t been hit by one yet, come to think of it they are pretty dangerous in that sense. I mean what good is saving the earth if you’re mowing people down? Actually come to think of it I see how that might work out in favor of the primary goal.

Then again I may not be able to hear the car but I can feel that air of pretentiousness emanating from the person operating the vehicle, something that has saved my life on more than one occasion.

On the recent lunar eclipse…

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I found this while kicking around on the internet at some ungodly hour and it perfectly describes my feelings on the plethora of Facebook posts about the recent lunar eclipse.


If you’re anti vaccination you’re also an idiot.

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The only thing worse than an idiot is an idiot who puts the lives of others at risk, just because you’re a parent doesn’t always mean you know best. There’s a reason that doctor holds a degree in medicine, doctors aren’t immune to stupidity I know but your baby isn’t immune to your stupidity or the myriad of nasty viruses going around that could take your little ray of sunshine from the cradle to the grave faster than you realize how idiotic you’ve been. On the upside tiny little coffins are much cheaper than full-sized ones. Put your own life at risk with your stupidity but for god’s sake not your child’s life. In short I can’t stand anti-vaxxers. The thing that irks me even more so than the idiots who decide not to vaccinate their kids are the celebrities like Jenny McCarthy who present the idea to these impressionable idiots. Again your doctor holds a degree in medicine and Jenny McCarthy does not.

Please show me a shred of evidence that vaccinations cause autism and then I’ll consider your warped, idiotic point of view before telling you again that you are an idiot. Jenny McCarthy was a playboy model, not exactly known for their functioning brain cells now are they? She’s also an author, that said anyone can call themselves an author if they decide to put out their beliefs and are endorsed by other bigger idiots. Personally I can’t believe how fast the idea has caught on and the diseases that are re-emerging due to the legion of fuckwits who won’t vaccinate. I mean it never occurred to anyone that she’s profiteering from an unfounded scare that has no basis in medical science, do they not realize that the research their beliefs are founded on has been disproved and even called fraudulent? The man who made the original claims was struck off and is unable to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. I hate my country at the best of times but I’m actually embarrassed that this idiot breathes the same air as me.

Measles, Mumps, Whooping cough and Chicken pox are all preventable and yet here they are making a come back with significant outbreaks in states like Indiana and California. I can’t even remember the last time there was a significant outbreak of any of those diseases before these anti-vaccination idiots started spewing what I can only call blatant bullshit. I once said that I’d never be amazed or even remotely surprised by human stupidity but I was wrong. Color me surprised. I’m at a point now where I believe that Jenny McCarthy and other public figures using their influence to scare or discourage people from vaccinating their children should be held accountable at some level for any deaths that occur. They are misusing their influence and media exposure with potentially life-threatening consequences. Either that or they should be excluded entirely from media coverage that isn’t mocking them for their stupidity.

I’m genuinely angered by this but I take solace in the fact that the death of your child is on your head and not mine. I also empathize with the men and women in the medical profession who have to deal with the aftermath of your idiocy. I’m glad it won’t be me explaining why little jimmy isn’t coming back to school ever again, better yet have Jenny McCarthy explain it to them. Fucking idiot. This post would have been a lot less ranty had I been calmer at the time of writing but I find this level of stupidity infuriating and personally I believe anyone stupid enough to follow the advice of a ‘celebrity’ over a doctor should not be allowed to reproduce.

My friend is now a father.

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It has been a long time coming but last week my friend’s fiancĂ©e gave birth to a perfectly healthy 9lbs baby boy and they’ve never been happier. He looked like a tomato for a little while but he’s doing well. The labor was long but mother, father and baby are all well and I’m happy for all of them. It means we won’t see each other as much but c’est la vie. I’m now known as uncle misanthropist. His exact words were weird uncle misanthropist but I’m sure that’s better than creepy uncle misanthropist right? I’m going to see the little guy for the first time this Thursday and I think my first words to him will be something along the lines of ‘enjoy it while it lasts little man because it gets progressively worse as you get older.’ I also can’t wait till he’s around five so I can buy him his first guitar partly out of revenge for all the times his daddy knocked on my door at 3am drunk and passed out on my couch.

The miracle of life!


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Well I have been away recording various pieces for my friend over the last couple of weeks, the recording process has involved a lot of Kronenbourg and smoke-filled rooms. As a result of this I’m now the lead guitarist at Clayton James. The project is coming together nicely with art work and various contributions. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in a long time. Even the attempted robbery was fun but to be honest my mother is more intimidating than the three of them. Two stayed back to watch while one attempted the robbery. You never attempt to take anything that is mine, let alone my guitar. Needless to say that asshole caught the business end of my noise maker. To commemorate this even my guitar is now marked with a tally which may or may not increase as time goes by. I’ve also written ‘This here’s my noisemaker’ on the guard just because.

I’m happy it didn’t break because I would have been extremely upset and probably beat that individual half to death before strangling them with the strings. I love my guitar if you haven’t guessed that by now. More on recording, I never expected to be involved with any kind of electronic music let alone recording acoustic guitar but I’m just happy to be a part of something, it is nice to have some purpose especially when you’re ‘unemployed.’ It looks like I’m also going to be involved in shooting a music video to some degree. My friend is going all out on this project, then again it is his baby so I’d expect no less. He originally had it completed years ago but after his home was robbed everything was lost, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because he has said himself that the new work is better than anything he had produced before hand.

I’m sorry this update didn’t come earlier but I’ve been very busy and lacking the means to post.

Hello everyone

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Shortly after the passing of my dog my laptop decided to fuck up so I haven’t had many chances to post. Nothing much has changed, I’m still miserable. I’ve been to the studio a few times but this coming Wednesday is recording for reals. Going to get us something to smoke and drink to get into the mood. Creativity and drugs go together like mac and cheese after all. I should write a song about my ex entitled ‘cunt #notbitteratall’ then again you’d be bitter two if you gave someone the chances I gave her. Never again, I’m sticking to my rules from now on, everybody gets one and only one. Someone once told me never to discount someone as a lost cause and it turns out they were wrong. Some people are a lost cause. I’ve missed posting to be honest, I’m currently writing this on my laptop using the top right corner of the screen, it’s a fun time really.