People piss me off.

A lot more than they should. I was led to believe that if you own a cellphone you answer the thing, apparently I was wrong. A friend of mine called me this evening to help him out with a relatively simple task, I don’t mind and it isn’t like I had anything better to do. We finish our initial conversation and I expect to see him within the next 40 or so minutes, during that time I get another call saying that the person we’re supposed to be meeting can’t make the drive so we’d have to walk to his house. I’m a patient man, small setbacks like this are of little consequence to me. As far as I know he’s headed over and I get the bright idea to call ahead, preventing him from having to walk half a mile back on himself when he reaches my house. No answer.

I try again, he’s on the phone. I try again, same thing. I call once more but he doesn’t answer, which I could put down to the fact that he has to traverse several dangerous shit-holes on his way here. I call once more and it gets cut off. Now none of this would have been an issue if he’d simply answered and cancelled. This would have saved me hanging around, fully dressed and ready to go. Whatever happened to answering the damn phone? I don’t have a cell phone but if I did I’d answer the fucking thing, especially if I’m keeping someone waiting. I’m not going to have a shit fit at him for cancelling on me. This has me reasonably irritated. I’m pretty sure the point of owning a damn phone is that you can be contacted.

Simple things man, simple things…


4 Responses to “People piss me off.”

  1. lafingman0 Says:

    I don’t like talking on the phone at all— but perhaps he was talking to someone at the moment in front of him? 😛 idk

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