Unexpected Complications

I think I’m going to write about this one first as it is the easiest topic on my list. I ended up going to the studio for the first time the other day to check it out and get acquainted with the guy who manages the place. It’s a nice professional little studio attached to a digital media suite. My friend then tells me he has access to all this because he’s studying there for some digital media qualification and he needed me for an interview on retro gaming, which is part of something he’s putting together for a final piece.

If it’s done professionally and graded well enough it will be aired. I don’t know too many of the details of that but I do know that during this project we’ll have regular access to both the suite and the recording studio. It’s gotten quite complicated suddenly, we recorded the interview in the sound room and I talked about what’s retro to me. Sonic, Golden Eye on the N64 and the first Metal gear game. I took time to talk about how games are too easy and linear nowadays. I can’t remember the last time I was stuck on a level for more than a few hours let alone months at a time.

When he finally got around to playing some of the music he’d already made it sounded good. I was surprised, I knew he had ability but it sounded professional and he said the studio’s sound guy wouldn’t mind looking it over  and adding final touches for him after everything was finished. The thing that really gets me is that I’ve visited this area all my life and I had no idea that there was a studio there. It all seems to have gotten a bit complicated but we’ll definitely get to record and he has complete reign over his project so I have a feeling it’ll be fun.

A few surprises but everything turned out better than I’d expected. I still have to lug my amp up there though.


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