On poverty and pasta.

A few years back when I was, essentially, transatlantic I was putting a lot of my money away to fund my travels and during that time I became quite well acquainted with pasta. This whole episode was self-inflicted, yes but love does funny things to you. I basically lived on pasta for around 6-8 months and learned what tastes best with it in terms of spices and the different sauces you can make with a tin of tomatoes and a semi-filled spice rack. That isn’t to say I didn’t have meat with it, sometimes chicken and beef were added I made chilli a lot which is something I still love today.

I don’t really eat pasta that much anymore unless it’s with chilli or a decent Italian meal. Not having much really teaches you a lot about cooking and flavoring up the blandest of meals. I could cook before this point but I think during this time I learned the flavor that each herb and spice would add to a food and which ones mix well. Another person I have to give some recognition too is my good friend, before the baby was set to arrive he partook in other herbs, needless to say he was a massive stoner and quite inventive with his food. He gave me a few recipes for great bacon and some unexpected combinations I still use.


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