I’m getting pretty heavily into making music recently which is another reason I’ve been quiet. I’ve been sending samples back and forth and recording sounds to be mixed into beats, even stupid things like the sound of a tap dripping. I spent a lot of time thinking about how guitar can go into this type of music. It has to be fast, rhythmic and fit perfectly into the track but at the same time I want it to be mine, noticeably mine. I want people to hear the track and think ‘damn, that guitar…’ I’m trying to make it fit in but make it distinct, with its own bite. I want people to remember the guitar on the track above everything else. The guy making the album wants to give away a track to get people interested in the rest, he also had the idea of giving the proceeds of the first two singles to a charity which I thought was very nice of him. We haven’t decided which charity but personally I was thinking a homelessness charity because sometimes people need a hand up to get off the streets and into temp accommodation or some form of housing. This is something my friend at the studio knows all to well. If you’re on the streets and you don’t know anyone you’re pretty screwed, nobody should have to live on the streets in this day and age.


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