The man in black.

I recently noticed how I’ve been wearing black and not shaving. Usually I’d put this down to be a lazy ass but upon thinking about it something clicked, I’m in mourning. Apparently these customs are so deeply ingrained that I’m doing these things without even realizing it. A break up is a break up even if it is from someone who was your best friend for a large portion of your life. Come to think of it something did die that day, something in me and something beautiful that we had. It is a shame, a wise man once told me that nothing lasts forever. In my youth I would never have believed him but it turns out he was right, he also told to me to enjoy what I have because one day it will be gone and he was right. I think I’ll keep wearing black until I put this ghost to rest.


One Response to “The man in black.”

  1. sometimes I think that change is the only constant in life. for better or for worse, change happens.

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