Humanity? A history of violence.

We crawled out of the ocean, eventually we stood upright. We had no natural weaponry and so eventually began to produce, simple, sharp tools to assist with hunting. Dividing ourselves we formed our clans and drew our lines. We built our settlements and began to hunt animals ten times our size with tactics that have remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. Our settlements eventually became cities and we expanded as far as our feet could take us, when we came across an obstacle we overcame it and continued on. We’re a species of problem solvers after all, which makes our capacity for destruction saddening. During our spread we changed our environment to suit our needs and destroyed everything that got in our way with ruthless efficiency. Even each other.

With time we became more and more efficient at killing each other until we reached a point where, with the push of a button, we could extinguish thousands if not millions of lives in a matter seconds. All of our greatest advancements in engineering, medical science and many other fields are the result of war. It all stems from our desire to destroy each other. Our capacity for destruction is almost unmatched in nature. We like to chalk ourselves up as higher, moral, beings but we’re not. Civility exists until you are in direct competition with another after that point we prove ourselves to be as base as the creatures we keep in exhibits for our own amusement. At least they don’t try to lie about it.


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