I was going to, I swear…



5 Responses to “I was going to, I swear…”

  1. you dont have to lie to us xD hahaha, i hope it was good stuff

    • I’m hoping England and the rest of the world catch up and change the law soon.

      • i know right? less dangerous than alcohol yet more regulated.

      • My doctor has given me antibiotics that are more dangerous than cannabis. It’s about time England caught up on its drug policies. I applaud the USA for their progress with this issue.

        Lets face it, the war on drugs is an abysmal failure that keeps otherwise innocent men and women in prison while maintaining massive profits for the people at the top of the distribution chain. It’s a joke. A bad one.

        Amsterdam is a great example of how the opposite of penalizing drug users can work for the benefit of the country itself. That said I don’t even like using the term ‘drug users’ in reference to cannabis smokers, in fact I don’t even think of cannabis as a drug in the illicit sense.

    • And my friend, if it wasn’t good stuff I wouldn’t be paying for it.

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