Last night.

I got together with a friend to discuss what kind of guitar he was looking for. We said it was about the music but it quickly degenerated into drinking and smoking in his flat in south-east London.  Eight beers and a lot of catching up later I was completely smashed. How I got home I will never fully understand. I spent more money than I should have and cannot recall too many details of that evening. In England that usually equates to a good evening.

On the way out of drinking and smoking more than I should have the munchies hit me like never before. I effectively boarded the yolo bus and spent money at every chicken place I saw on the way home. I never want to eat from a chicken shop again. I walked home in some of the worst weather I have seen in a long time, I was battered by wind and rain. I saw fences come down, garden ornaments blown over and people scattering across the street. I was too drunk to care. I hit home around 11 and fell asleep 5 minutes after I clapped the bed. I woke up at 4am said ‘nope’ and fell back to sleep until 1pm.

drugs-are-bad-420                                                                                                           Misanthropist.


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