To all of you struggling…

Sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up. You have to search within you, you gotta find that inner strength and just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face.

Life is hard, we’re all struggling and somewhere there’s a person that has it much worse than you and every single day of their existence is a living nightmare. They’re dodging bullets in a war-zone, defying a disease that will eventually kill them, they’re fighting a losing battle or going up against colossal odds. Some of those people won’t see tomorrow and here you are thinking about giving up just because things have gotten hard?

To all of you out there who are struggling, keep going, never give up. One day soon you’ll be out of the trenches. I don’t usually do motivational speeches but this needed to be said. This goes for me as much as anyone reading this.


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