The place that I live in.

Hard to believe considering my proximity to London. You’d think that there would be more to do here but there isn’t really unless you have money and even then for anything decent you’d have to travel outside the immediate area either into or further away from London. Personally I hate clubs and movie theaters. I don’t feel like hanging around on the streets drinking and smoking. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt. I could go outside and walk or something, the weather is actually good today. It has been shitty for what feels like months, even on a day like this what would I even do outside. Come to think of it the last generation of men around here must have been bored as hell. I remember all the old boys I used to drink with, it seemed all they did was work, go home, eat dinner and go down to the pub. I feel kinda lucky to have the internet now, as much as I complain about it.

I mean if I did just give up and decide to go drinking there isn’t even a decent pub or bar around here. We’ve got the cocaine rodeo just a short walk away, The Pit where all of the scum of the earth go to drink. Basically every pub around here is dodgy. If it wasn’t bad enough that there’s shit all to do here there’s the people. The wannabe thugs, drug dealers, dumb ass kids, transients and people begging for money ‘insert sob story here’ who just go spend it on beer. It’s like London took all of its worst residents and dumped them in one place. I’m sure there are decent people here but I’ve never seen them. To make this place even worse everything is just a little less expensive than central London. We’re paying high rates for the shit hole we live in. Another thing, around here, where would I even meet people, where would I find anyone worth meeting?

As soon as my situation allows it I’d like to relocate. First out of here and then maybe out of England. Sure I have no money at the moment but I also have no ties, I can go anywhere or do anything I please as long as I have the money to fund it. I’ve thought about traveling around Europe a bit and going back to the USA at some point, this time I’d go down south. I definitely want to see the Aurora Borealis. A friend of mine relocated to Germany and says he loves it there, more opportunities and a better life in general. Even though this place is my home and sometimes I’m amused by things that happen and people here I still hate this place it’s just a boring, dead, shit hole. It could always be worse I’m sure but I do think London and it’s suburbs are a miserable place to live.


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