The lost art of ripping into someone.

I don’t know why but many of the people I know are way too timid bordering on sensitive, and no I’m not talking about my ex specifically in that statement, I’m talking about people in general. They’ll take the piss and not expect to be called out on it. Maybe it’s because it’s so unexpected that it affects people so badly. There comes a point where you’ve had enough and someone is just not getting the message that something they have done is not cool. Honestly to get anywhere today you need to know how to rip someone a new one when the time arises or people will believe they can walk all over you. It’s one of those give them an inch and they’ll take a mile situations. I love the double standard that exists where people think they can just shit on you and get away with it. Who knows maybe I’m wrathful. One of my many sins but you just don’t cross me, that’s all I ask. You respect me and you respect our interpersonal relationship and we’ll never have a problem. Despite my burning directionless rage I’m actually pretty laid back. Somebody even said I was a great person once!

One thing I will say is that ripping into someone is something you have to be very careful about, you can go too far. You have to make sure someone deserves it. Sometimes once you rip into someone your relationship will never be the same. This sort of action is extreme and should be a last resort. When I’m angry and hurt enough to actually rip into someone I become a real bastard and the only reason I get away with it is because what I’m saying to that person is the truth. The truth can be harsh at times. Believe it or not I’d like to not have to go that far with someone, especially someone I love. Sometimes though ripping into someone is what they need, especially in a situation where they’re being self-destructive out of grief or stupidity. Sometimes people really just need to hear that they’re being an idiot. As you can imagine, this man doesn’t have too many fans. I’ve been called an asshole, a heartless bastard, a prick among many other colorful expletives. It doesn’t bother me, if they didn’t deserve it I wouldn’t have opened my mouth. Sometimes people need to be held accountable. Violence isn’t the answer many times but words can be just as painful as a fist.

Sometimes people just need to be called out…

You’re upset?
Mission accomplished. This was supposed to hurt.
Now I feel like some asshole kung-fu master, pic related.


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