You’ve come at a wonderful time.

ixW2qXoWell I’ve hit a point now where I’m deeply internally angry and I’m much less likely to tolerate crap, things will annoy me. Without a doubt people will piss me off. From Celebrities, politicians to your average joe. If I browse reddit for around an hour I find something that makes me either roll my eyes or rage. Reddit is usually great for writing material, both the user-base and the content. I’ll definitely have enough misanthropy in me to write because at some point I had to stop drinking. It doesn’t solve anything. When things hit rock-bottom, and I mean really go to shit, sometimes all you can do is pour a good whiskey or open a beer. I’m sure it’s been depicted on-screen many times.  Alcohol? Is not the answer, in such shitty circumstances it is the question. Honestly I don’t even want to drink anymore now.

Remember the safe word, things are about to get interesting.


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