This cat is something else.

I’m generally someone who likes animals, I was brought up with animals. I had a dog, cats, fish, hamsters, mice. Unfortunately my parents wouldn’t let me much further than mammals. I did own a tropical crab that accidentally got into a tank and an aquatic tropical frog, again another accidental acquisition. I’m used to animals, actually if I could get a job involving animals I’d be happy to go to work every day. Sometimes they’re just easier to work with than people. Some months ago I posted about a new kitten I got. She’s doing very well, perfectly healthy in fact but I do sometimes wonder about its mental state. I had a choice, buy beer or get my sister this little kitten that she was absolutely in love with. I gave in and did something nice for my sister. Probably should have got the beer.

I’ve never met a cat like her, she’s a character. It’s curious, intelligent, agile and clumsy as fuck. It has destroyed things in my home that range from ‘oh that sucks’ to ‘how the hell did that happen.’ This includes mirrors, canvas lamps, a Buddha statue and… Wait for it. A sink. Yes an enamel bathroom sink broke diagonally and pretty cleanly. She’s calmed down since we had her jabbed and neutered but not by much. It’s funny about being touched, yet it’ll wake you up with purrs at 5am. I have a range of names for it from Satan and little beast to poltercat. When it’s out of my sight I get a little nervous. I’ve caught it chewing on my guitar.  The funny thing is that it isn’t stupid it will actively notice and find ways to pass any obstacles you set out for her.

As I type my hands are covered in scratches from playing with her, she plays rough but her cheetah style shit fits are very funny. It has attempted to run up walls and has gone vertical more than once because fuck gravity. It’s actually hard to get any cleaning done since it stalks the mop, vacuum cleaner or even a dusting cloth. It’ll run up the sofa and pull bed covers back off. Sometimes I swear it does it on purpose.All this said you can’t help but love your animals like family, even if they are little fuckers. And expensive little fuckers at that, I have to say though since I’ve had her I haven’t stopped being entertained by the little weirdos antics.

I finally found a use for that picture.


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