Missed me?

Lately I haven’t written much, to be honest I’ve been preoccupied with music theory and my guitar. It has gotten to the point where If I have free time I’m playing and if I’m not playing I feel like something is missing. That said right now I feel like I should be at least reading something regarding music theory. Just as I get inspired I get back into contact with an old friend and he’s given me the opportunity to come and be a part of what he’s making. Not my kind of music but a learning experience nonetheless. I’m just sending him samples at the moment but studio time is on the horizon. I know he’s making a different type of music but I’m hoping to get a larger part on one track. To be honest I’ve been too wrapped up in playing and learning I’ve barely taken the time to hate humanity or just a few select individuals. Don’t worry though I have a special spot reserved this week for a certain individual.


One Response to “Missed me?”

  1. awesome dude, follow your heart 🙂

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