Job is kill…

I went into work this Saturday, worked the day as normal but sometime after lunch I overheard a conversation about cuts to hours and somebody getting moved onto the hours that I’d usually do. To me this implies that I will have no hours so I expected it. A few other people’s hours were cut too. Budget cuts they call it. They’ve hired and fired all over the place in the last few months so I’m really not surprised upper management reigned it in eventually. Toward the end of the day I was told by my manager that he needed to talk to me. I basically knew what this ‘talk’ was about. After I’d finished we went for our talk.

He began to talk about our company having budget cuts in 2014 which is when I stopped him and said I’d heard that a colleague was now on my hours so I have no hours. He then explained the arrangement for my last pay. I said I had enjoyed working with him and left. His face was priceless when I cut him off and he was quite shocked by my complete lack of surprise. I then left onto the floor and exclaimed that ‘Master has given Dobby a sock!’
Judging by their reactions at least two already knew what had happened and I got a few immediate laughs before I had to explain to anyone who didn’t get the reference.

Apparently my other manager did and we shared a few good laughs, he said he’d call me if he needed me for any odd days which was a nice gesture but if you had just be release from purgatory would you willingly go back? I had a cigarette with a few people at the end of the day, my final cigarette had a surprising attendance number, I think it was 6 or 7. Half of these people I didn’t even know I was friends with. As you can tell I’m quite happy about not working there anymore, with our current economy I probably shouldn’t be but I’m definitely in a favorable position to enter another job. I’ve got to start hunting again tomorrow, wish me luck.

I’ll miss the workout and some of the people but this change had to come, this just forced it. It’s for the better anyway I wouldn’t want to be trapped there forever. I wasn’t fired, I can give the same excuse he gave me. I can get assistance and I have some decent employment history. Two steps forward and one step back. It hasn’t really phased me at all. I’ve had a great weekend. Some Scotch and relaxation. I’ll be happy to have my weekends back. If I can help it I’m only working Monday to Friday from now on…

So yeah, job is kill and I’ve never been happier.


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