General stupidity with a dash of misanthropy.


It’s been a while since I wrote anything with a real hint of misanthropy. I often complain that all the people I know are stupid which might sound quite harsh but today I have a great example for you all. Someone recently talked to me about Micheal Jackson’s body being found on his Neverland Ranch. He mentioned his murder occurring 20 years earlier and that he was found wearing his iconic glove. I kinda giggled at that for a little bit then entertained him in order to hear more. Then I began hearing it more and more from other people. I get annoyed enough by hearing about it to look it up. It’s an Onion article. People take The Onion as fact. Then again this isn’t the first time so hats off to the writers over at The Onion for their writing style and their ability to fool stupid people into believing its real news while creating some light entertainment for everyone else.

I really can’t believe this was so far-reaching, some even mentioned it had been in the papers. I have yet to verify this but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had showed up in some low tier news publication (If you’re from London you’ll know the ones I’m talking about.) If that’s really the case I will have justified the fact that I don’t read the newspapers anymore. The funniest thing about all this is that if I mentioned The Onion to one of those people they would have no clue what I was talking about. Maybe it isn’t their fault. Most of the people I know are generally ignorant of the world around them. Even the smaller things. I don’t share in that bliss, something I am mostly glad of. What I really don’t understand is that nobody I know seems to question the authenticity of these things. The claim didn’t even seem out of the ordinary to them, the just accept it as fact. Sometimes I don’t understand people’s stupidity.

Maybe I’m in the wrong environment.


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