Happy New Year

New Year celebrations
Yes I’m still slightly hung over. Why I’m sitting here writing with a hangover I’ll never know but I guess I felt like I had to say something about it being a new year. No new years resolution for me, I know what I have to do this year and I don’t need the passing of another year to affirm that doing these things would be my best course of action. My day started off pretty standard, some cleaning while I listen to the radio. Talking of that all this year’s Christmas and New Years music/playlists have been depressing, who needs that at this time of year? Anyway, I got the cleaning done played my guitar for a while then thought it would be a good idea to shave, bathe and look presentable seeing as we were expecting guests.

I eventually ate dinner and then the first round of guests arrived with whiskey, wine and a little food. Then the second group with more. I make it sound like there was a lot of people but there wasn’t, about 8 in all. My kitchen just isn’t big enough. All the parties happen in the kitchen. I always kinda wondered why that was. I don’t particularly want to recount the amount I drank last night and this morning. In all though it was a good evening of drinking, catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and music. I’m pretty sure I was messed up before 12am but I was functional and had a good few laughs at Este Haim’s sexy bass face lol. If you don’t know them check Haim out they’re a pretty good group.

Around 3am people had started to leave or go to bed. I had gotten extremely hungry either from drinking or that it’d been six or more hours since I last ate anything but not once did I stop to think ‘why am I preparing a full meal at 3.30am new years day?’ I now justify my actions by telling myself it was a new year burger. I really enjoyed it but this is probably the reason I put on pounds this Christmas. I do not despair for I have a one day a week paid gym membership called work. I think I eventually fell into bed around 4 or 5am. I can’t really complain about my New Years Eve or New Years day, I’ve been up the best part of an hour. We already have visitors and the weather is still crappy. New year, new start right?

I actually saw none of my friends but Family and other friends were very good company, for once I have nothing to complain about. Surprisingly I managed to stay off the internet almost entirely other than sending one email to my ex to say happy new year. I didn’t even bother with Facebook or Reddit or anything because if the company is good you really have no excuse to be on in internet on occasions. Younger generations are not getting this. There’s a time and a place. A party or family gathering is not it. Sure check it if you want but having your face plastered to it is just rude.  Now I’m going to go drink sprite to shift this and maybe more water/coffee. I don’t think Tylenol is a good idea since I must have battered my liver last night. Don’t want to stress it even more. I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve.

Happy New Year,


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