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I’ll have whatever he’s smoking…

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Lately I’ve laughed a lot at this guy, he has a face that could be used for ten guy memes. That said he did have a meme made of him. The internet did a good job of that one too. I’m not actually sure whether he is deeply pained by all the worlds ills or just high as fuck. Could be either. He posted some bizarre quotes on twitter that are really something to marvel at. See below. (Background for dramatic effect)

I sit there laughing at these and I have to wonder whether he is dead serious about this stuff or this is a clever ruse because at times I’m really not sure. Thetan related perhaps? Anyway here’s a few more for your enjoyment. Some nuggets of pure wisdom right here.


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jaden-smith-forehead-meme-6At first I was skeptical but it’s gotten to the point where I laugh to hard to question any of it. It’s just incredibly lulzy philosophy from a 15-year-old. I wonder how long until he leaves this realm and transcends to a higher plane on account of being too deep for any of us to fully comprehend…

It’s time…
Edit: If you have the time or the patience go onto his twitter for more. It really is something else. I just came across another article about him calling him the Fresh Prince of Bullshit. I had to share that.


Images, again, because.

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Unlikely Inspiration

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I’ve had a shitastic few days. Sorry best descriptive word I could think of short notice due to various distractions, that said this in itself is just another distraction. Yesterday just as I’m getting really annoyed with everything I come upon this in my image folder and it just made me laugh, sometimes you need a laugh when you’re pissed off. That said I actually do need to up my fucking game because this shit is getting ridiculous.

It’s the waiting that kills you.

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I’m sitting here tonight in perfect calm, the rain is hitting the window which is a sound I’ve always loved. It’s a sound I could fall asleep too. It’s a beautiful night, if there’s a perfect night for it then tonight is the night. I’m about to find out what the connection between two people is really worth. There’s a part of me that wants everything to go better than I expected but a wiser battle-scarred part of me that says it won’t. Asks me if I’m going to be surprised when it goes to badly and is going to laugh at me, the way you laugh at an idiot friend whom you’ve  previously told to be cautious. Tonight will potentially be life changing for me. Not in a good way I’m guessing. I don’t make many friends, or I haven’t made many good friends in my life but this one is the one that really matters. Let’s see what it’s worth. I’m strangely looking forward to this because I will get my answers and I will know where I stand and how much I’m really worth to someone or I’ll get the metaphorical punch in the face.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m some sort of emotional masochist.

Alpha Misanthropos Hates: Justin Bieber.

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Remember I said I had a spot reserved for someone special?

This little fucker has been misbehaving lately, I’ve began to wonder if he’ll go the way of other childhood stars but as much delight as I’d take from that I’d hate to give him the attention. Lets face it, the talentless brat doesn’t deserve it. (Don’t worry too much, his musical career is over till he gets short of cash.) At first he was a mildly irritating child star but he’s growing into an even bigger embarrassment. I saw in the news that he had speeding tickets in Dubai and really hoped they’d cut off a limb or something but nope, he gets away with being an idiot because he’s famous. A lot of stars do that but at least they’re mildly entertaining about it. Justin just doesn’t make that cut.

People might be thinking, hold up, this is a bit strong isn’t it? Fans of the corporate sexless man-child might say I’m a hater. Guess what, you’re right! One thing that doesn’t comfort me is that, with time, all things either wither or cease to be relevant.I can’t believe he’s getting away with his recent stunt though, the kid could do with some time in jail. Might sort him out. Recently I read about him spitting at fans too and vandalizing a picture of President Clinton. Surely this little fucker needs to be punished, if some judge doesn’t rain his ass in he’ll end up dead before he’s 30. Which I’m also okay with…

The talentless little prick needs knocking down a few…

Missed me?

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Lately I haven’t written much, to be honest I’ve been preoccupied with music theory and my guitar. It has gotten to the point where If I have free time I’m playing and if I’m not playing I feel like something is missing. That said right now I feel like I should be at least reading something regarding music theory. Just as I get inspired I get back into contact with an old friend and he’s given me the opportunity to come and be a part of what he’s making. Not my kind of music but a learning experience nonetheless. I’m just sending him samples at the moment but studio time is on the horizon. I know he’s making a different type of music but I’m hoping to get a larger part on one track. To be honest I’ve been too wrapped up in playing and learning I’ve barely taken the time to hate humanity or just a few select individuals. Don’t worry though I have a special spot reserved this week for a certain individual.

Yahoo, get your shit together please.

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I like Yahoo, it reminds me of a better time I guess. Nostalgic value aside it’s good for a basic grasp of US current events and its text messaging service. I will defend Yahoo’s news site by saying at least it isn’t MSN quality wise. Now the only real issue I have with Yahoo is that their text messaging service is way too unpredictable and down for long periods. Maybe it’s just the amount of people using it at any one time, I’m not sure. Other than that it is a great free service and probably helps keep Yahoo afloat. All that said Yahoo, please get your shit together.