Merry Christmas

It’s been a long and mostly shitty year but here we are again, Christmas Eve. This year I wanted to post something akin to a Christmas message. Firstly I’d like to wish you and yours a merry little Christmas or whatever it is that you celebrate and even if you don’t then have a decent day. My objectives this Christmas include avoiding falling asleep before 5pm and trying not to let Christmas day television kill me inside. I remember when Christmas TV was good, either I’m getting old or it was just never good in the first place, who knows?

All I’ve really done today is final preparations and a little jamming on the guitar to remind my neighbor that it isn’t cool to play the Star Wars theme on the organ at 2am. My guitar is louder. Anyway I’m basically just sitting on my ass which is nice because it has been so busy in the last week. It’s been an interesting month, I’ve made new friends and I’ve been trying to figure out a workable plan for 2014 to ensure I never repeat this abysmal year. I’m actually considering getting a tattoo that says: MMXIII Nunquam iterum. I think that adequately expresses the kind of year I’ve had.

I hate when this happens, I came here with the intention of posting some sort of Christmas message and I’ve managed to bitch about television and 2013 so far, I had better round this up. To my readers, friends I’ve lost, the woman I loved and still love in some capacity and all of the people who I may never meet…

Merry Christmas,


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