Classy as F**k

It’s funny, you always see the real scumbags at either a Wedding or a Funeral. In this case it was a funeral. Nelson Mandela’s funeral to be exact. Before I begin I actually feel for his wife, she didn’t seem to be feeling the spirit at the celebration of his life and I don’t blame her. That funeral wasn’t about the man himself, for the international community it was about who could be seen there as evidenced by the classy selfies everyone was taking. If I took a selfie at a funeral I’d be removed from premises. Stay classy world leaders, I am actually pretty annoyed by this to say it politely. Since when has it been okay to take selfies at a funeral?

David ‘1984’ Cameron, Barack Obama and the Dutch PM who I could care less about are actually pretty disgusting. Note Michelle Obama’s face during this picture. I always took her as a miserable person and maybe a little jealous of her husband getting female attention but in this context I thought about it. I’m kinda hoping that the face she was making was one of disapproval toward her husbands idiotic behavior. If this wasn’t bad enough there’s the ‘translator’ for the deaf who was just making it up as he went along. That’s pretty sickening but I know that people aren’t above capitalizing on somebody’s death. The company disappeared shortly after questions were raised about the credibility of the translator.


Then there’s my favorite person. Bono. He made sure he was seen, next to George W Bush of all people. Loving that contrast, maybe that can be his next album cover. I hate that man with the burning fire of a thousand suns for reasons innumerable. As if all of this wasn’t bad enough Kanye tweeted some mindless crap about him being the Mandela of his generation. What a big-headed ass. If he accomplishes, in his lifetime, half of what Mandela attempted to accomplish then I’ll shut my mouth but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Kanye is right up there with Bono on my list.


I never though much of Michelle Obama but if I’m correct about what I said earlier then she may be one of the few decent people at this event. She could just be pissed about her husband’s ‘flirting’ but I hope I was right. Then again just because you want to believe the best about people doesn’t make it true. When did this become less about a man and his life’s work and more about exposure? It makes me sick. I’m not surprised by it at all but I do think it’s disrespectful as hell. I mean these are the people we idolize? Are we really making the right choice here? These people run our countries. Are you sure these are the right men and women for the job? And what does this say about us?

This funeral wasn’t about Mandela it was about being seen at Mandela’s funeral. Where’s the decency. If you want exposure Bono give your wealth to the third world you claim to care so much about and how about that second 747 you use just for your equipment? David Cameron has enough exposure for being an impotent and idiotic leader, Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. I’m sure if he took a crap at a Wendy’s it’d be on the evening news. I remember something similar to this happening with a guy I knew. We were acquaintances, not friends and when he died lots of people attended his funeral. Some he didn’t even like.

I didn’t attend myself because I thought it would be disrespectful to pretend like we were close friends just because he had passed. I instead offered my condolences to his family and I frequently ask his mother how she’s doing. If I have the sense to know that attending the funeral for exposure like that and pretending you were close to a person somehow because they were dead is fucking disrespectful why can’t these people, the most powerful and influential men and women on earth. It’s just a scumbag thing to do. Then again I’m honest and that’s why I’m not in a position of power.

People make me sick.


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