Over Rated.

In my experience America loves the Beatles, then again America loves all things British. This group is possibly the most over rated band in the history of music. I can’t pick out a single song by the Beatles that I actually like. That damn Across The Universe you American women seem to love is your basic love story set to a variety of songs by this band. It just killed it for me entirely. Not that I wasn’t bored out of my mind anyways… the things you endure for the people you love. I’d had a few beers so that helped through it. I just dislike this band and everything about them Lennon was an asshole, there was really nothing profound about him beside getting shot by a nut case. This band is so over rated that it genuinely annoys me, the only thing that annoys me more than the band are the people who idolize Lennon as some sort of prophet. America, please note, there are other far superior British bands.

Yoko still living off her husband’s name?


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