Idiots, social networking, society, celebrity and the individual.

An idiot I have the displeasure of knowing recently posted to Facebook regarding the death of Nelson Mandela. I’m usually one for the whole ‘X died, who gives a damn’ thing. A shining example of me being a good human being is the death of the actor from the Fast and the Furious films. I really don’t care beyond wondering if it was ironic or consequential. The films were bad and so were the actors. It’s unfortunate but it is what happens when you dick around in machines at high speeds. Don’t take that as malice because it isn’t. I’m kind of irritated by the whole thing because I saw maybe one mention of the stunt driver who also died. Am I an asshole or is the majority made up of terrible individuals who fetishise celebrities to the point where the death of a non celebrity in the seat next to him is of little consequence regardless of the fact that you could probably relate to him more than Paul Walker.

I went just a little off track but not entirely off topic. The idiot I was referring to earlier posted something along the lines of:

‘What is wrong with people posting all of this Nelson Mandela stuff, he’s dead, get over it. He has no affiliation to you or any influence on yourself or your life so stop putting up posts you retards.’

Now normally I might agree with him had he been talking about a celebrity or whomever but this is Nelson Mandela and he may have no real influence on your life but he has achieved much in his time. I mean even if we are to take this whole thing down to a base level compare the achievements of an idiot who makes idiotic and baseless comments over Facebook to the achievements of a man who was once a president, a man who made a difference. His achievements are too long to list and yours include looking like a fucking retard for all to see over the internet.

As a white male. Yes I checked my privilege. Nelson Mandela’s work may not have personally affected me but I can still look at a great achievement and say that the man did good with his 95 years on this planet which is more than I can say for most. If anything Mandela lived a meaningful life that benefited many and if there were a final judgement I’m pretty sure he’d do just fine. I can’t decide whether this is a commentary on society and its obsession with celebrity, an obituary, or a stark reminder that your stupidity and ignorance does not provide you an opportunity to bitch about something you obviously have zero understanding of.

I can’t believe I know this person… Other than that I’m really not surprised by any of this.


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