Strings by the light of the moon.

So here I am again back here, writing. I’ve pretty much exhausted every other option. I got bored with the internet, television is always crap no exceptions, couldn’t be bothered with gaming. I’ve had a busy day today really but it seems no matter what I do something is missing. I guess that’s what you call the blues. I haven’t really been sleeping right since I’ve had no real reason to and I’ve found myself alone many a night so I have been picking up my guitar, getting the headphones in and playing. It passes some time and it never hurts to practice. Someone once said music was good for the soul too.

I’ve got a few riffs that I’d like to evolve into songs. I don’t have that kind of ability yet. Well, maybe if I tried but I’d like to know more before I mess with any serious composition. If I’m going to do something like that I’d want to do it well. There’s kinda a concept behind each riff I’ve written, it’s supposed to sound like something. Be that a feeling, an event or whatever. One riff is based on the feeling of being lost in some vast expanse trying to find your way to whatever it is your so desperate to find, on a promise that it is still there. I don’t know how many of you have ever walked through a desert, the desolate feeling the loneliness. That long trek in either sense is what the riff represents to me. It has this slow marching, droning sound with groaning bends and yet is still pretty soft on the ears. I’m debating personally whether it sounds better on the acoustic which is what it was first played on.

It’s hard to explain this stuff really. One thing I have enjoyed is how you can play the same riff over and over and just add to it each time. Play around with it and flesh it out until it becomes something that sounds so much better than the original. I did this with a basic blues line realized I like the sound and in the end I’d added to it and started playing it in C standard and Drop C. It sounds fucking awesome now. I really do love playing and I’m glad I started, it’s a saving grace when things get boring and your problems start to eat at you. It can be therapeutic and it’s rewarding without being too easy. It’s a pretty good pursuit. I figure it’s better than drinking and or smoking.



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