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Merry Christmas

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It’s been a long and mostly shitty year but here we are again, Christmas Eve. This year I wanted to post something akin to a Christmas message. Firstly I’d like to wish you and yours a merry little Christmas or whatever it is that you celebrate and even if you don’t then have a decent day. My objectives this Christmas include avoiding falling asleep before 5pm and trying not to let Christmas day television kill me inside. I remember when Christmas TV was good, either I’m getting old or it was just never good in the first place, who knows?

All I’ve really done today is final preparations and a little jamming on the guitar to remind my neighbor that it isn’t cool to play the Star Wars theme on the organ at 2am. My guitar is louder. Anyway I’m basically just sitting on my ass which is nice because it has been so busy in the last week. It’s been an interesting month, I’ve made new friends and I’ve been trying to figure out a workable plan for 2014 to ensure I never repeat this abysmal year. I’m actually considering getting a tattoo that says: MMXIII Nunquam iterum. I think that adequately expresses the kind of year I’ve had.

I hate when this happens, I came here with the intention of posting some sort of Christmas message and I’ve managed to bitch about television and 2013 so far, I had better round this up. To my readers, friends I’ve lost, the woman I loved and still love in some capacity and all of the people who I may never meet…

Merry Christmas,


A spike in traffic…

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I was just getting ready to post some sort of Christmas message, who am I to break from tradition? Unless we include the occasional shower beer but Christmas and casual alcoholism are two different things, we’re lead to believe so anyway. I was just wondering why today? Is everyone already done running around like a headless chicken?

Can’t complain I guess.

Classy as F**k

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It’s funny, you always see the real scumbags at either a Wedding or a Funeral. In this case it was a funeral. Nelson Mandela’s funeral to be exact. Before I begin I actually feel for his wife, she didn’t seem to be feeling the spirit at the celebration of his life and I don’t blame her. That funeral wasn’t about the man himself, for the international community it was about who could be seen there as evidenced by the classy selfies everyone was taking. If I took a selfie at a funeral I’d be removed from premises. Stay classy world leaders, I am actually pretty annoyed by this to say it politely. Since when has it been okay to take selfies at a funeral?

David ‘1984’ Cameron, Barack Obama and the Dutch PM who I could care less about are actually pretty disgusting. Note Michelle Obama’s face during this picture. I always took her as a miserable person and maybe a little jealous of her husband getting female attention but in this context I thought about it. I’m kinda hoping that the face she was making was one of disapproval toward her husbands idiotic behavior. If this wasn’t bad enough there’s the ‘translator’ for the deaf who was just making it up as he went along. That’s pretty sickening but I know that people aren’t above capitalizing on somebody’s death. The company disappeared shortly after questions were raised about the credibility of the translator.


Then there’s my favorite person. Bono. He made sure he was seen, next to George W Bush of all people. Loving that contrast, maybe that can be his next album cover. I hate that man with the burning fire of a thousand suns for reasons innumerable. As if all of this wasn’t bad enough Kanye tweeted some mindless crap about him being the Mandela of his generation. What a big-headed ass. If he accomplishes, in his lifetime, half of what Mandela attempted to accomplish then I’ll shut my mouth but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Kanye is right up there with Bono on my list.


I never though much of Michelle Obama but if I’m correct about what I said earlier then she may be one of the few decent people at this event. She could just be pissed about her husband’s ‘flirting’ but I hope I was right. Then again just because you want to believe the best about people doesn’t make it true. When did this become less about a man and his life’s work and more about exposure? It makes me sick. I’m not surprised by it at all but I do think it’s disrespectful as hell. I mean these are the people we idolize? Are we really making the right choice here? These people run our countries. Are you sure these are the right men and women for the job? And what does this say about us?

This funeral wasn’t about Mandela it was about being seen at Mandela’s funeral. Where’s the decency. If you want exposure Bono give your wealth to the third world you claim to care so much about and how about that second 747 you use just for your equipment? David Cameron has enough exposure for being an impotent and idiotic leader, Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. I’m sure if he took a crap at a Wendy’s it’d be on the evening news. I remember something similar to this happening with a guy I knew. We were acquaintances, not friends and when he died lots of people attended his funeral. Some he didn’t even like.

I didn’t attend myself because I thought it would be disrespectful to pretend like we were close friends just because he had passed. I instead offered my condolences to his family and I frequently ask his mother how she’s doing. If I have the sense to know that attending the funeral for exposure like that and pretending you were close to a person somehow because they were dead is fucking disrespectful why can’t these people, the most powerful and influential men and women on earth. It’s just a scumbag thing to do. Then again I’m honest and that’s why I’m not in a position of power.

People make me sick.

Now I know why…

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That moment you work out why you’re miserable, a moment of clarity if anything. Where you wish you could just pack everything and leave. The days of going wherever your feet will take you are well and truly over if they weren’t I would have left so long ago. I proposed to the women a love about a week from now a few years back. I’m feeling it right now. I put the tree up today and honestly I had no idea you could decorate a Christmas tree bitterly. I surprise even myself sometimes. A friend of mine, my only real friend, told me I was destructive this week. I wonder what he meant. I mean am I destructive because I didn’t settle down and I don’t have a kid on the way now, or is it because I had enough of people’s shit and won’t let it slide. I came very close to reacting violently this week. Sometimes people just need to be taught a lesson. I don’t condone violence. I didn’t react violently in the end but hopefully the person in question knows to avoid me because next time I may not be so restrained.

Maybe I am close to meltdown but I’m not stupid. I admit I’m cutting when I believe someone I trust has wronged me, that’s the price to you pay for crossing a bastard like myself. You play with something sharp you’re going to get cut. I am unbelievably fucking miserable right now. I’ve lost mostly everything I ever loved or cared about. I’ve literally got nothing to lose. Fun times. If I could drink right now I’d be drinking. To top all of this off I have work on Saturday, if I’m going to get fired it’ll be on Saturday. It’s going to take something very small to set me off. I’m not concerned about going off I’m concerned about going off at somebody who doesn’t deserve it. There’s a difference between being angry and destructive. I will soon illustrate this difference…

Why the fuck am I even telling you this? Maybe because I have nobody else.
Who knows…

All of my feels.

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If you don’t know of Seasick Steve now’s the time people.

It’ll be lonely this Christmas.

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It just hit me today, I’m alone again on Christmas. You think as someone who generally dislikes most people I’d be okay with that. It isn’t that I want just anyone to come banging on my door on Christmas Day or anything it’s that I have great memories of past Christmases with my family and the woman I love, those were some of my best memories and the last few haven’t really lived up to them. I don’t know maybe I’m setting my expectations to high or maybe it’s just a chime of pain in a mangled heart. Throw a dart anywhere between those two and you’ll be there. I’m sitting here complaining like I’m completely alone, I have my family which makes me guess this is more about her than my expectations being shattered like glass on the jagged rocks of reality.

You know I hadn’t even realized that it was around two weeks to Christmas. I’ve done everything that can be done until the Christmas Eve when the real insanity begins. We’re dividing and conquering for maximum effect on a day that will, for us, begin at between four and six AM. Good times. I’m now being asked to put the decorations up which is something I’m usually able to escape from by carrying out some other task of greater importance.  It’s really not something I enjoy hanging decorations but I’ll give my family credit for their semi-unique decoration ideas. This Christmas I’ve done everything to ensure I’m going to enjoy it so if I do not then it isn’t Christmas it’s just me being a miserable bastard.

My sister’s boyfriend is a trip. Genuinely a great guy. I had very few requirements for someone dating my sister but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better choice on her part. I envy the excitement he gets from knowing it’s Christmas soon. He’s like a kid. I’m just waiting for the fucking annoying countdown status’ on Facebook. I used to get visitors on Christmas Day, I may still get one this year maybe two if I’m lucky which is enough for me. I’m not going to get greedy. I’m really looking forward to my dinner that day. I’ll miss America’s little extras that go with the dinner but my waistline will thank me for it. Saying that I’m considering getting egg-nog here to see how it measures up to its American counterpart.

I’m sure I’ll have a few drinks too, I’m looking at a fair range of different drinks I can enjoy. Having the choice will be nice. Guarantee you my go too first drink will either be beer or jack. I like the choice, I’m not bad at mixing my own drinks so maybe I’ll do something a little more classy and tasty. Look at me: Friend, Family member, Misanthrope and raging alcoholic… What’s really funny is I started this post on an incredible downer but through writing it I’ve considered more of the positive aspects than I’d first realized. Maybe the writing helped. I have a habit of writing things down. It gets stored semi-permanently in my memory and having it mapped out for me like that usually helps to cover all angles.

I’m kind of half looking forward to it now because I know the effort has been put in to make this Christmas the best one I’ve had in two years. It’s a damn shame I couldn’t have her here or be there with her but you can’t always get what you want. I think the reason I didn’t know the date is because sometimes it isn’t relevant to me, I’ve just basically found out today’s date right now 15 days until. I’ve got to wait for 13 before I can do anything because of the way I’m paid. It’s bullshit really. Regarding everything else that has occurred at that place: I no longer care. This Christmas pay crap is definitely the last straw. Seriously, fuck them for that. Though I might have my family and maybe a friend or two something will definitely be missing this Christmas…


Teen mum 3 cancelled.

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“At least MTV knows when to pull out…”

Thanks for this one, I chuckled.