When I was younger I was an Eminem fan, that said I still am even if I drifted more toward rock than hip-hop. The quality of hip-hop declined post 2000 and I haven’t really listened to much of the genre since. Maybe I identified with Eminem at the time. I was angry, poor and a troll which was enough to relate to him. Here we are 13 years later and I find myself in the same place listening to my old favorites and reminiscing about a time before my life was a living hell and when I just thought it was. Eminem definitely has replay value when you’re angry and life isn’t quite going the way you planned, it’s just nice to know someone has suffered as such before you did and has managed to make the best of it. I haven’t yet listened to his new album but I’m sure it’ll crop up amongst my ‘friends’

Here’s to the king of trolls.


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