I do what I want.

Well I’m on a single day a week at work, I don’t need to care anymore. Part of me really wants to use this to fuck over my new supervisor but then again the man has a family and I’m not prepared to let a little petty revenge ruin them. So that is out of the question. I can however put in very little effort and kick around doing whatever the hell I please. I’ve definitely lost any respect for my manager and supervisor so where I may not be able to fuck with my supervisor I can disrespect them constantly, berate them for their shitty cheap-ass management and generally be a prick because why not. If they fire me that’s perfectly fine with me. I’ve done my time in hell. I even prepared the whole ‘master gave Dobbie a sock’ line from Harry Potter. I can’t wait to begin, the real question is how do I begin?

Let’s play a little game, it’s called how far can I push it before you fire me…


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