Things have come to a head.

You may or may not remember me mentioning that my branch manager was a dick, well someone from sales isn’t so good at their job and there’s this racial favoritism thing going on so rather than firing him they’ve reduced my hours right on top of Christmas so he can come onto the floor and told me I’m on one day per week, not only that but they had the audacity to ask me to do two extra hours after delivering this news, to which I replied with a prompt ‘no… I can’t work an extra two hours.’ I remember my new supervisor saying ‘you do favors for me and I’ll help you by providing the hours you need.’ Well that bit him in the ass today when I saw that he was doing me no favors whatsoever. They’re also getting rid of newbie and replacing him. Which sucks but I’ve told him that he’s probably better off for leaving the place. To be honest, given the choice I would not have worked there. I’m sick of being affected by the inadequacies of management and senior staff then getting blamed for them. So I have a lot of spare time meaning I’ll be writing a lot more alongside looking for a decent job. Less stress more money and maybe even the chance of a social life? Who knows. I’ll be generally busy finding work but I think I’m going to enjoy this next week or two because I can’t remember the last time I had a life or something resembling that. Needless to say I’m about done working at that place with all its bullshit, idiot co-workers, idiot customers and the like.

I’m done.


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