The universe corrects itself

Today has been quite a day, maximum job satisfaction. I get into work and make my cup of coffee the head out onto the floor, newbie isn’t in yet so I get the relevant paper work prepared and wait for him to get through the door so I could explain a few mistakes he should avoid. Before I get the chance our branch manager calls us all into the office, well anyone with any degree of seniority anyway, and there’s me thinking we’re about to get shafted. I was wrong. So very wrong. He informed us all that our floor manager is no longer with us. Hence the extremely long meeting they had that I may or may not have mentioned previously. The room lit up with smiles and suddenly all that tension was gone. Imagine the most satisfying shit you’ve ever taken. Ridding your body of all that waste.

My hours and responsibilities have increased but so has my money. I am now a senior staff member. Good times. I can now work relatively unmolested unless that fruit loop of a driver tries touching me again.


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