Today has been one of those days. Two of the idiots I work with decided to take a day off together to rent a room together or something, well it became obvious what was going on when two friends phone in sick the same day. I spent a good half an hour trying to remember if some new game was released or football was on or some crap. The sales manager admitted that it sounded very put on… I’ve made sure everyone noticed the fact that they took the same day off. The guy from sales I don’t give a flying fuck about but my newbie, I’m annoyed with. Any other day would have been fine but today was a day of record sales meaning I’ve done two or three days work in one day. Those two idiots made everyone’s day hard today. Newbie is going to suffer for it too. Tomorrow will be a very hard day for him. I’m debating crucifying him outside with leaf springs and steering racks duck taped together.

On top of that newbie letting us all down there’s the fact that the Indian guys I worked with turned the heater up till it was just like home sweet home. I have a degree of respect for my manager but being Indian he will side with them on everything and generally believes they are harder workers, there’s a degree of truth to it but tell that to me who does their work in half the time and my friend and ex-coworker who could do the same work as three of them and it’ll feel like a snub to you too. Then there’s the small matter of the executives being present which means we can’t use our own methods to speed everything up and there’s always that tension in the air when they’re around. Always fun. Just when you thought work couldn’t be anymore stressful…

They also force us to wear high visibility jackets which is bullshit considering there’s no heavy machinery and the lighting is sufficient. The Hi-vis are just unnecessary… To top all of this off our idiotic management let the other guy go at 2pm so I did like two or three hours on my own until my co-worker was able to join me. I had no break, not even for cigarette and they wanted me to stay till closing for an extra hour. I responded with a doctor evil-esque  ‘how bout no.’ the company does me no favor and they can expect the same in return. That isn’t to say I don’t help out from time to time but I do that for my friends in the workplace, never the company. Today was complete and utter bullshit. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

beyTime to play whack-a-newbie…


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