So I’m going to be teaching…

At work we hire a lot of Brazilians for driver positions, all from an agency. This isn’t out of the kindness of the manager’s heart but rather that the Brazilians are not members of any union. Clever really on my manager’s part, our drivers are not treated unfairly before you assume that is the case. Many of our drivers speak partial broken English, their reading is base at best and a few of them have expressed the interest to better their English so I’ve offered my services for a small fee. I don’t think 20 pounds a month is a lot to ask considering the price of Rosetta stone software or courses. So far I have two on board for it, I find myself already setting up tests to get a better idea of their ability and planning lessons. Maybe I should have gone into teaching in the first place. Either way this is going to be a trip. Regarding the price I’m asking 20 a month is a steal considering I could ask that per lesson but they’re not just co-workers. I consider them friends.


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