I want to ride my bicycle.

On the way home from work recently I found a bike dumped on the floor with out of place handle bars and no grips or back brakes, I don’t usually make a habit of taking things left lying around by others but this cut a good 25mins off my journey home so I picked it up and brought it home. The only real problem with it is that it is handmade and very distinctive in its coloration. Now you’ll remember me telling you how the Brazilians are cool people? Well one of them has another job with a car and bike store called Halford’s, he got me the parts for free and work will supply me the spray paint at a 30% discount price. I basically plan on fixing this thing up and modifying it slightly in my spare time. I mean the bike itself is worth around 360 pounds which is currently 576 dollars, that beats me paying 100 for a shitty bike that will break within the year. I will spend about 2o pounds on the paint and other parts I can get for free due to my Brazilian connection so it’s a win considering I picked it up from the floor. It’ll give me something to do when I’m extremely bored. I literally only need this bike for transport to and from work but I gather that it will come in useful whenever I need to get somewhere fast. It’s cheap, keeps me fit and I didn’t pay for it how can I complain.

One man’s trash is another man’s come up -Macklemore.


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