Recently I went out with an old friend from college, good guy, remember how I’ve said before that you may end up with about five real friends? He’s definitely one of them. We went into London for some food and drinks together. I’ve not really eaten out many places seeing as I spent a majority of my time preoccupied with America and going there, I’ve heard of Nando’s but I think I mistook it for a Mexican/Portuguese fusion restaurant that I used to go by a few years back. Apparently I was completely wrong about that.

I was surprised to discover that it is basically an upscale chicken shop, that threw me a little. I’m not complaining about their food at all. It’s chicken and chicken is good even though their hottest or second hottest sauce was not hot at all. Their sides and other food is good too. It just wasn’t at all what I expected. To be honest If I’d knew what the place was I would have gone to Wagamama or that sushi place. The 02 dome in London has a lot to choose from. I guess I was a little annoyed that Nando’s wasn’t quite as good as I thought it’d be.

As I said I don’t find anything really wrong with Nando’s, I enjoyed the food but I think the problem was that Nando’s is talked up by so many people, including my friends. That led me to expect more. Remind me to rarely listen to people’s recommendations. I basically let him choose since he knows the place better than I do. Well I think next time I’m going to go for some Japanese food or steak. I’ve done Nando’s once and to be honest it will be a while before I go back there.

I had some Starbucks before the meal and my friend ordered a skinny latte, it was my duty to give him shit for it considering he’s already done a fucking good job at dropping weight. He’s a big guy or was at college so he’s done well in his quest to drop pounds. More power to him. After the meal we went for drinks and I discovered he drinks cider instead of beer. I love the cider myself, especially the newer fruit mixes but they don’t warrant the price you pay for them.

My friend is very middle class, in keeping with his family’s disposable income I usually end up sampling some sort of strange food or alcohol when I’m there or just something I’ve never tried before that point, examples of this include bambi burger (venison), 120% rum and many more. My friend is generally an interesting and generous guy, he got me into the Fallout series. While Nando’s itself was a disappointment the day/evening was good. Me and this guy have a lot of catching up to do.



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