I think I might have anger issues recently…

I mean all considered it is understandable but that latent anger definitely isn’t helped by the various external stressors, like assholes waking me up before 8am and not being able to sleep properly. Then there’s the less subtle ones like that guy today that tutted at me for no reason, normally I would have walked on but today I asked him what his problem was to which he just stared at me, I promptly told him to fuck off. Then there’s the traffic and all the sociopaths behind the wheel on London roads. If the horn was a gun the roads would be lined with bodies. Seriously the way they use those things you’d think they were weapons. When you’ve had so little sleep that sort of thing gets to you. I’ve been somewhere between anger, apathy and nothing at all. I’ve been pretty good at letting things slide for a very long time but it looks like I’ve recently learned how to be angry and express it to other people around me without any sort of thought about the consequences. There has been more than one time this week where I’ve been ready to slam someone’s head into a car door. You could say I’m having a bad time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going outside and starting trouble with people, everyone who I’ve had a confrontation with has tried to shit on my in some way or another and lately I’m just really bad at letting things slide.

I’ve really got to work on that…


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